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Build a vehicle with threads like a tank, it can't run on wheels it has to have a thread. Then make some sort of race to find the winner. This, if not too difficult could be funny as heck. Perhaps have them go over some rough terrain. This idea can be expanded on.

-- Richard James Retey (, January 25, 2001


It occurs to me that there are enough "winning" teams now that a "tournament of champions" challenge could be staged that would pit all of the previous winning teams on the field of battle. Previous champions could reunite to construct a tracked, armoured vehicle to carry a paintball style cannon. The four teams would then do battle on a playing field with points awarded for hits on other tanks. The construction would be more complex and multi-discipline and would span 20 hours of build time rather than ten. One segment would be vehicle construction and the second segment would be cannon construction and mounting. The goal would be to build a vehicle that would carry all four team members acting as the "crew" over a playing field with obstacles and hiding places in such a way that the vehicles would deliver dye marker rounds toward other tanks while maneuvering to avoid being hit themselves. This type of competition would allow for a wide variety of "solutions" and require the teams to take an active tactical role in the outcome. Cool!

-- John Grimmett (, January 25, 2001.

Excellent, the first tank to take a hit from three different colors would be out. So this would mean two tanks couldn't just sit there and cream each other with paint, it would serve no purpose.

This would be a blast, when one tank was out they'd have to come up with some other scoring system??? But I can see a tank crew running for everything they've got to try and not get hit again and get eliminated.

Oh Lord would this be funny, I get the biggest kick out of this show, love watching them create and build then its a hoot watching the competition.

-- Richard James Retey (, January 25, 2001.

What about a tank type vehicle, one that doesn't fire, just one that drives like a tank on a thread not a tire. Would this be too hard to build? What could they possibly make the thread out of? Could it be done by two teams in two hours?

If they could build it, then you could have some sort of race through a course for them to go through. Mud, bumps, ditches, you know all those sorts of things.

I am not an engineer, would this be too difficult?

-- Richard James Retey (, February 02, 2001.

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