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Well, I don't think I'm interested in camera repair. I got a broken TC off ebay, and just for the fun of it I tore into it. Got no interest or clue on how to get it back together. The real nice external covers are on ebay. If you need anything from the inside, or all the guts they are yours for the shipping.

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2001


just 1 part.

Hi Brad,

I saw those parts on eBay. I figured it would either work with a bang or a bust. It was a REALLY good idea to try though!

My T4 film rewind knob broke (its plastic) and I could see if I could use the TC's film rewind knob as a replacement.


-- Anonymous, January 24, 2001

TC Parts

Brad & Mike... yes, the TC & T4 share the same rewind knob. Easy to remove too. Just hold the prong that slips into the film cannister and turn the knob CCW. Be careful not to lose the washer & any springs under it.

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2001

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