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Hi All, I've burnt a VCD using nero 5.0 with tnmpg.. encoded mpeg files. Nero created all the required subdirecories and .dat file also. I tried to play .DAT file in my using windows media player, it does not work (opening .... hangs). I tried xing mpeg player, open video cd from file menu, it also hangs. DVD players recognise it as a video CD, but does not play. Is there any tools available to validate VCD's.

Encoded MPEG plays on xing as well as media player. Mpeg properties 352 x 240 pixels, 29,97 frames/second

I appreciate your answer. Guru K

-- Guru K (, January 24, 2001


may i asked as what is your video bitrate settings are? If you are making VCD with higher bitrate, then WMP will not play the clip at all, because it is using *.dat(assuming vcd standard) codec. This will hang up WMP. Most other VCD player softwares i've tried also does the same thing. What've successfully played these highbitrate VCD with is JIAOS MPEGPLAYER using "other codecs" option.

-- lnguyen (, January 24, 2001.

try using powerdvd which u can get from


-- pain killer (, February 07, 2001.

it's like that with power DVD. You might want to use a vcd player instead, which you can download from C| What version of Nero Burning are you using? And how do you burn a VCD disc using Nero Burning? Thanks for your help!

-- max NT (, March 28, 2001.

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