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i want to know if it possible to make a video cd from a dvd. and if so waht software to use to burn and what software do i use to creat the menu's?

-- Alpesh Jadeja (, January 24, 2001


looks like your a newbie to this, just read and im sure youll find all the answers to your questions.

-- sharky (, January 24, 2001.

And to shorten your search time: go to there are a lot of stuff to read there about this topic.

And to shorten your learning curve, try use DVD decrypter + FlaskMPEG with Panasonic plugin. That is about converting DVD movie to VCD.

As about making VCD with menu, you do have to read the posting here. You can use VideoPack 4.0 or WinOnCD 3.7 PE to do that.

Happy searching..


-- Rusman E. Priyana (, January 24, 2001.

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