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Is there a final PO box yet for applications? & Is the deadline holding at 2/16/01?

-- Dan Denney (, January 23, 2001


We're waiting as well....looks like the 16th of Feb is still the deadline,but the address is still a definate maybe.How many teams do you think are submiting aps? I know of at least two maybes from south of me,then there's mine,yours and talk of a couple more from various posts I've read.

-- Matthew Kenney (, January 23, 2001.

Last years UK series generated over 2000 applications (of which 4 were from the US). I don't know how many application the US series generated last year, but it was enough for the producer to ask me for this year about servies that would recieve packages for them. (remember, they asked for applications BEFORE re-running the shows)

One indicator might be the number of requests to see our demo tape: since the thanksgiving marathon, over 30,000 unique requests have been logged. (and that figure will be low, as the file is eligible for ISP caching).

For the curious, the process starts with the paper applications -- the research team goes thru and sorts out the obvious losers (single person teams, illegible forms, no video, etc). They then watch the survivining videos (about 350 in the UK case). From that they pick the short list (2-3 dozen). Those people get a second round audition. This is done in person usually in batches. (in our case via webcam), with a surprise challenge, and people sticking cameras in your face, asking incessant questions, etc. (IE: simulating show conditions).

From those tapes (and with the review of the TV network that is paying the bill), they picked 8 teams, and one or two alternates.

-- Jeff - The NERDS (, January 23, 2001.

Thanks for the rundown!

My guess is that there will be 1500 applications. That's right, it's just a guess!

-- Dan Denney (, January 24, 2001.

I worry that the number will be closer to 15,000 now that people have had a chance to see the show in the US.


-- Jeff - The NERDS (, January 24, 2001.

That would be my "about" estimate too....kind of like guess how many jellybeans in the jar.Maybe we should contact the bookies in Vegas.......(LOL) Is it my imagination,or is this site getting real sloooow?

-- Matthew Kenney (, January 24, 2001.

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