Burned VCD can't be read on CD-ROM

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Hi, I made VCD (as described on vcdhelper.com for WinOnCD) and it works on my DVD player. I can't read CD-R on my CD-ROM. It looks like bad CD, but ...

Can anyone help me? Thanks.

-- Milan PROCHACZKA (milanpro@atlas.cz), January 23, 2001


Don't use WinOnCD. You can use Disk Juggler or Nero. For the disk juggler software, you can email "izorder@iraqmail.com" and they will send the software to you using file attachment for free. The software is 2.5mb in size so make sure your account has space for it. Their web site is http://come.to/iz

-- krakken (krakken30@btinternet.co.uk), January 24, 2001.

Hey Man Please send me the program

-- P (Vegetto_Gogeta@hotmail.com), March 09, 2001.

Please send me a copy of the program...with info on how to use;)

-- Chase Clear (Chasec21@hotmail.com), April 08, 2001.

For everybody, who is looking for burning software and manuals "How to do it?", go to this site: "www.vcdhelper.com"

I haven't time to sent you burning software. Thanks.

-- MilanPRO (milanpro@atlas.cz), April 09, 2001.

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