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Dear Sirs, I was watching an old movie lastnight, "Old San Francisco," and the movie was based on the Spanish Explorer Vazquez and his descendants. In the movie, made in 1927, it showed in the background panaramic views of Old San Francisco, paintings I'm sure. It appears that the Old Spanish Land Grant and his Rancho sat upon a hilly area. My question to you is; was there really a Vasquez Spanish Land Grant, and if so where was his Rancho located on todays map. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks,

-- Thomas Bruce Elliott (, January 23, 2001



Due to the lack of availability for this movie, I still have not seen it. I do, though, have a basic webpage online for the film on my Northern California Movies website:


From there, you can find a review describing parts of the story. I am curious, though, where did you find the film when you watched it recently? I'd love to be able to see it myself.

As for your response to my question about Amarill y of Clothesline Alley, don't give up yet! It's only been a few days and the questions we ask are very specific. I do indeed use the libraries and also visit the possible locations in person.

Thank you!
Scott Trimble
Northern California Movies

-- Scott Trimble (, January 30, 2001.

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