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I'm looking for a lens flange (retaining ring) for a Fujinon lens with a copal 0 shutter. Can anyone suggest a source? Thanks for any help. Steve Sousa

-- Steve Sousa (, January 22, 2001


This should be available from any large photo dealer, or from any photo dealer by special order. The lens brand shouldn't matter. E.g., B&H stocks this item from Rodenstock as "Rodenstock 32.5x0.5mm copal "0" shutter flange".

If all else fails, the US distributer of Copal shutters is RTS Inc.:

-- Michael Briggs (, January 22, 2001.


Go to, then select Retaining rings and Flanges. He has a very large selection. Give him a call, and you can get your ring next day. Good luck,

-- Geoffrey G. Chen (DB45TEK@AOL.COM), January 22, 2001.

There is a difference between a flange and a retainer. These shutters usually use a retainer. I have both on hand depending on what you want. See: for an explanation and pictures of the difference.


-- Steve Grimes (, January 23, 2001.

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