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Hi all,

I have been using VideoPack 4.0 for sometime and find it great. I'd like to add sound to the VCD Menu's, but when I do they only play back correcting on a PC. If I use any DVD Player, the music sounds totally corrupt. I've seen other postings with similar questions, but no answers. Can anyone help?

-- Richard Budge (, January 22, 2001


This is another bug of VideoPack4, aside from that other bug where it absolutely refuses to allow one to change the volume label from anything other than "VolumeLabel". I read somewhere it has to do with VideoPack's built-in MPEG audio encoder; we shouldn't forget VideoPack is a five-year old app. Like U, I'm keen on getting patches for these bugs if there are. The next best thing is to use WinOnCDPE 3.8 but it's next to impossible to just walk in a store and buy this outside of Europe.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 23, 2001.

By the way, to get around this, if you really luv VideoPack, it's best just to not include any audio with the menu/stills.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 23, 2001.

i have made menus wityh vp4 and used sound to play in my dvd player. thier is a trick around it to get it to work right here is what you have to do: you need to use the Ulead program (unless you know another). this program allows you to input a jpeg or bitmap picture and then you adjust how long you want it to play for (lets say 3 secs or whoever long your audio would be). Now it lets you save it as an avi or mpeg clip (i ususally do avi uncompressed for best quality). Ok now you have your picutre as an avi movie file the same length as whatever audio you want to use. Now use tmpg encoder (or whatever encoder you like) and input the video file with the audio file and encode. Now you have your pic with sound. In vp4 to load this in make sure you sue "mpeg file". Then change the properties of it so its infinite and change the number of playtimnes to infinite as well. Now it will play forever. if you do not get the video to be exact same time as audio(lets say the video is longer) use the virtual dub and load in both video and (must be a wave file) audio clips, changethe frame rate so it syas "match both audio and video" encode. it will make the vid the same lenght as your audio.

-- Doug (, January 23, 2001.

The method above Doug advocates is okay but limits us to a res of 352x240 NTSC (352x288 PAL). VideoPack4 is capable of using and displaying stills 704x480 (704x576) which do look DVD-like fabulous and is the still res I, for one, exclusively use. Of course we can't encode now a 704x480 with audio into an *.mpg file; it will be resampled back to 352x240 for White Book compatibility. Now if only VideoPack can indeed tack on an audio track without hitch to a hi-res 704x480 still.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 24, 2001.

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