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I'm new to use film scanner and had just acquired a Minolta Dual Scan II and use the Photoshop 5LE as the default platform.

My problems are: - I've scanned some nice Velvia image in TIFF format but I can't print it out from the Photoshop and it also comes back with warning that "This tool does not handle 48-bit RGB data." Do you know what went wrong? - I managed somehow to crop some bits and printed on my Epson 870 printer. While the image on screen has vivid color, the print out is much darker and color balance quite difference from that on screen. I had seen some very nice printout elsewhere, any clue that I can do it better?

On the other hand, can you recommend me some good books on the subject, there are a lot of jardons and terminologies in different forums that I don't understand.

Cheers Andrei

-- Andrei Lau (, January 22, 2001

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