Loading Sheet film. Notch on left or right?

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Starting real simple here! I just loaded my first 4x5 sheet holder and couldn't remember if the film notches go on the right or left to get the emulsion side up. I'm going to shoot my first shoots with my new Tachihara today. Wish me luck. Thanks again for all the great help and wisdom so far. Doug

-- Doug Theall (rooster_two@yahoo.com), January 21, 2001


Doug: With the emulsion facing YOU the notch goes in the upper right corner.


-- Doug Paramore (dougmary@alaweb.com), January 21, 2001.

Upper right corner *if the sheet is held vertically*

-- Q.-Tuan Luong (qtl@ai.sri.com), January 21, 2001.

I like my notches facing out just in case I have different films in different holders and might need to check, so I put the notches in the lower left-hand corner. Upper right or lower left, and the emulsion will be facing you.

-- David Goldfarb (dgoldfarb@barnard.edu), January 21, 2001.

Doug, the upper right is pretty much universal, so that anyone else knows what`s going on also. Your slides should have a silver or white side and a black side to them, so that you can keep track of exposed/unexposed film easier. Also, take note of the "dimples" on the slides, they aid navigation in the dark. After exposure, turn the locking pins across the slide and it may keep you from unintended multiple exposures. Have fun, Steve

-- Steve Clark (agno3@eesc.com), January 21, 2001.

Go with what Tuan says. Upper right hand corner if the holder is held vertically. That works if the flap on the holder is at the top as you hold it. If you have the film holder horizontally, with the flap at the right, upper right hand corner for the notches will mean you are loading the film backwards. If you have the holders horizontal, with the flap to the right, you load the film with the notches bottom right. Ran into this a few weeks ago when custom processing film for a new shooter. He loaded the film "upper right hand corner" for the notches, but had the holders oriented horizontally. Makes for some weak negs when the film is loaded wrong.

-- Dan Smith (shooter@brigham.net), January 21, 2001.

The answers point to two separate issues here: 1. Where is the emulsion?; and 2. Where do you put the emulsion?

1. With the notches in the upper right hand corner the emulsion is facing you.

2. The emulsion must face outward in the film holder. The notch could go under the flap, or the opposite end, but I find it easier to put it under the flap. I stabilitze the holder with my left hand, and slide the film in with my right hand.

-- Charlie Strack (charlie_strack@sti.com), January 22, 2001.

"Upper right corner" is insufficient. Upper right corner with the film notches on the top edge will put the emulsion surface up. Upper right corner with the film notches on the right will put the emulsion surface down.

-- Morton Klotz (mklotz@innercite.com), January 25, 2001.

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