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I have a Philips 751 DVD player and a Sony 27" TV. I can't seem to play HK (maybe even Malaysian) VCDs on it. Problem being that images keep scrolling up and down the TV.

I have read previous messages that talked about people having this problem, and realized that it has something to do with NTSC and PAL formats. But I cannot find a response that answer the following question:

If I were to keep my existing equipment, is it possible to get the VCDs to work on my machines?

I am almost giving up hope here. Please help! I just bought a whole bunch of VCDs on-line before even realizing this problem.

On top of this, I just scraped my Sony DVD player for the Philips 751 because my Sony couldn't play VCDs. Only to find out now that my new Philips is not working either.

PS. Does anyone know what the firmware upgrade will do? Thanks.

-- Maria Yu (, January 21, 2001


First you have to find out if both your TV and DVD player can display PAL and NTSC properly. It's likely your TV can; if it can display PAL then it will have at least an NTSC on PAL mode (PAL/60). Read the specs of your Philips; if it doesn't state there clearly and unambiguously it can't play PAL and NTSC the only way out for you now is to ditch that and get a player that can. It's facile to describe VCDs as HK or Malaysian, etc. There are VCDs, legit and otherwise, from HK that are PAL and NTSC.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 21, 2001.

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