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I have the RCA 5500P player, and although it'll play a regular VCD just fine, I am having NO luck getting it to read a CD-R. I've tried Sony, PNY Black CD-R, and Maxell (both the gold and the CD-R Music 74). Nothing is getting recognized.

Now I've read that CD-RW's might be an option, but I've blown over 40 bucks this weekend on CD-R (the PNY only comes in 50 bundles here) disks, and I don't wanna start over on CD-RW's until next paycheck. So basically, has ANYONE gotten a CD-R or RW to work with this particular player? Even NERO (my burner) lists it as non working. And VCDHELPER.COM doesn't even list it.

ANY help would be appreciated. I want to make sure my player will read the disks before I go out and get a capture card and start making VCD's.

Thanks ahead of time

-- Frank Gregory (, January 20, 2001


There is NO way you can make your RCA recognize ANY CD-R/RW with ANY level of reliability. Instead of trying to still go on and find which discs it will play, sell that player on e-bay, give it out as a gift, donate it to the Salvation Army, or crack it with an axe and get a Philips 711 or Pioneer 525 or 333 instead. You read the entries in this forum under playing CD-R/RW for more :D :D

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 21, 2001.

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