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I really don't mind the new host. He's doing all right. Keep in mind that it's hard to take over a spot filled by someone that you've seen in the series from the start. Remeber the whining from fans when Colin Quinn took over the SNL news segment? I don't even remeber who he took over for. Anyway, we'll get over the host change.

What I do mind is the music change between commercial breaks. The theme song to the show is one of the great things about it... You can't get it out of your head! During commercials I'd run to the loo whistling that darn thing the whole way! But now it's been shortened at the beginning and totally missing from the commercial segments.

PLEASE put the original music back. Other than that... GREAT SHOW!

-- Al Schneider (, January 20, 2001


Yes, George was sort of a shock when he first appeared, but he doesn't seem so bad now. We can all hope the producers actually read this discussion and take a hint about toning down his "Americanism" a bit. In a way his obvious brainlessness is a nice balance to the bright and brainy Cathy. I'd like to see her used more as a proper CO-HOST, not just a sort of pull-the-lever-and-let-the-ball-drop Vanna White girl. Why does Georgie always seem get to do the teaser and chat up the judge?

George is okay, let's just have a bit LESS of him!

And yes, I miss the extra bits of music, too.

-- Wulf (, January 23, 2001.

The whining when Colin Quinn took over? Al, some of us still want to know where Chevy Chase went.

-- YCDK (, January 25, 2001.

I don't mind the Americanizing of the show, but this George cat is so forced in his humor! He's like the guy at a party who laughs at his own jokes, then explains why he's laughing. Keep an American co- host, but look for someone with a little less obvious humor (we can be subtle, too, England, don't judge us on Beavis & Butthead or Jim Carey movies), look for some Boston comedians. Also, lets get some less dopey teams going!

-- El Seed (bdolben@yahoo.comspam), January 25, 2001.

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