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There is a particular "stacking" or graphic "shortening" of forground and background I hope to discover in a slightly long lens. I already have a Fuji 300C which is somewhat too dramatic in this graphic view. I believe the 210mm is not enough(have shot a few catalogs with a rented 210mm, but not sure how it would have translated into landscape, my primary subjects) Is there a used, sharp, 240 or 250mm lens I could economically purchase, take in the field, find out? Anyone have the lens for sale? Then , if it indeed is that "ideal" focal length, dig deeper for a modern version. Th

-- Gary Albertson (, January 20, 2001


try a 240mm symmar -s it's large but is a great lens and you can use it on 8x10 with some movements the color balance is pleasing i also have found the 12 in. a little long but i shoot in new england.

-- lee nadel (, January 20, 2001.

Gary, the Fuji 240A is an amazing little lens. It covers 8x10 and is eaully as sharp as the Super Symar XL's I own. The only drawback is it f9. A bit hard to see for sunrises. It is one of the smalles LF lenses I have ever seen. I use it equally on 4x5 and 8x10. Next to my 150 XL, it is my most used lens. I beleive Fuji stoped making these last year, but some new ones may still be around. I see them used often. Jeff at Badger Graphics tracks this stuff, ask him for new or used. Good luck...

-- Bill Glickman (, January 20, 2001.

I get good results with the Symmar-S lenses, and I have the 240mm. I prefer a 180mm as my primary lens, so the 240mm is good longer focal length lens.

The Symmar-S non-multicoated lenses are a nice compromise between cost and quality. You give up negligable quality for a significant reduction in cost. Schneider tells me that one won't see the difference between the multi and non-multicoated Symmar-S lenses, except perhaps if they were to examine comparison prints with a loupe. Look for a Caltar-S II (which is different from a Caltar II S) lens. This is a Symmar-S lens with a Calumet label.

Do you plan to take 8x10? Another possibility is the Fuji 250mm f6.7 lens, which has a larger than normal 390mm image circle. Others on this forum have indicated that this is a sharp lens.

-- neil poulsen (, January 21, 2001.

Why don't you take a look at 240mm Dagor? It's coated, very sharp when stopped down. They are available used at very good price.

-- Hugo Zhang (, February 09, 2001.

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