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The teams can build a long range flame thrower. If Isopropyl alchohol, it won't stick to anyone, so there is little damage of a napalm like effect. There could be multiple targets at different distances, and see who can ignite all of them first! The challenge would be in building a compressor of a pump, and in building a device for carburation (like a carbureator, whick vaporives the fuel), not to mention an efficient ignitor, like multiple spark plugs, a heating coil, or even a match

-- Daniel Brennan (, January 20, 2001


Daniel this is a great idea but in the flame throwers of the wars today their are a number of special valves and special fluids to have the distance and they only shoot 75 yards which is 225 feet also alchohol would evaperate to soon (it would burn off to quickly)and its a bit danderous because if one little flame after letting go of the trigger gets inside of the tank because of a faulty seal everybody become crispy critters

-- Evan Hart (, January 21, 2001.

Even without a faulty seal, using Isopropyl is dangerous because it is such a light-bodied liquid. If the wind is blowing the wrong way, the guy manning the nozzle is going to get flash-burnt!


-- Thomas (, January 21, 2001.

And we need one of these for...???

-- ChanzReed (, January 23, 2001.

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