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I'm doing a science project on the growth of mold on three different types of bread, wheat, white, and rye. I have observed that the mold on the rye grew the fastest. Next, was the white and then came the wheat. I have noticed that they all contain the same preservatives but different types of flour. The white and the rye contain bleached enriched wheat flour and the wheat contains stone ground whole wheat flour. What are the differences between the bleached and stone ground flour? Could these differences have anything to do with how fast the mold grew and the kinds of mold that grew? Thanks for your time.

-- Anonymous, January 20, 2001


well i did a project on the growth of mond on all different kinds of bread wheat in my case molded second but rye was first and white never ever grow any mold at all so i think the anser i go from your web site was wrong i well tall you my email later

-- Anonymous, January 24, 2001

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