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How about bodging a vehicle that would have to get over (under or through) a course of odd shaped obstacles like cars and or concrete Blocks. I imagine something like the multi-wheeled or tracked Mars exploration robots or a multi-legged walking device.

There could be two different versions, Human Powered and Gas engine Powered

-- El Kid (, January 20, 2001


well being a Jeep enthusist that i am. i would have to go with a Jeep wrangler (97 and up or TJ) for starts. then you take out the engine, axles, tranny, and t-case. throw in a v8 along with a new tranny and an atlas II transfer case as well. then you get full width axels with low gears in them...i'd say 5:13's would do. and along with that you throw in the lockers as well. next you get the lift. get a lift that would allow for the biggest tires. most likely coilovers about 10" to allow 40" to 44's...that rig would go over any car you want

-- Adam Stafford (, October 13, 2003.

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