What about a tank?

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I thought of the idea of possibly creating a tank for one of the shows. the two teams would have the standard ten hours to construct a tank. This tank will need to be durable to be able to finish this long course. The tank essentially would have to hold all 4 competitors and at the end it would have to hit a target. To make it fair both teams should be awarded the same type of canon or gun. The first team to finish the course and hit the target wins the race. I think this would be a good challenge because it will show how strong you can make a tracked vehicle in ten hours.

-- Mark Scatozza (scatozza@hotmail.com), January 20, 2001


Putting a small explosive device in a small area with 4 people sounds like suicide but lots of fun!!!!!ouch

-- salvatore sarno (dands83@aol.com), January 25, 2001.

To make a tracked vehicle, one needs a LOT of forged tread plates with wheel guides (each is an individual "link" in a tank tread). There is no way one can fashion all the necessary tread plates in 10 hours.

If they were to seed the junkyard with two complete sets of treads and wheels, that wouldn't be much fun IMHO..


-- Thomas (trh1@cris.com), January 25, 2001.

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