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My Grandfather use to visit the Junk Yard on a weekly baises and bring home many treasures.However he turned his into art. How about a Junk yard Special Called....Junk Yard Art. Have to scavage the yard and make something out of nothing. Since it won't be war....and there is no challenge to build a specific thing, just see what peoples imagination can come up with. And of course give them less time. 10 hours would be a tad much.

-- JunkMan (, January 19, 2001


junkman i would challenge you in a heart beat with that one just see what i could build. maybe we could get that spin off and be the first ones to appear

-- stephen (, January 22, 2001.

I think the Art Attacks have already cornered the market. With the 10 time limit no less.

-- ChanzReed (, January 23, 2001.

I think they should have a demolition derby

-- Jacob cory Griffith (, February 25, 2001.

I want you to make like a robot to be remote control and fight.

-- Tanner Giesler (, March 26, 2001.

Enough with the fighting robots already.

-- Chip Haynes (, March 27, 2001.

I think they should build guns,catapolts,tanks ect.and use their weapons to shoot paintball or waterballoons with the dye of their color.After they build it they go and hide in the junk yard and use it as a battle ground and the first team to hit all members or the other team wins or if they just built one weapon they have to get hit four times.They could use spings and stuff to build their weapons;well anyway you get what I'm getting at.

-- Jerry Dewayne Morgan Jr. (, April 11, 2001.

So much for pinning our hopes for World Peace on the younger generation. Maybe they should build bomb shelters instead.

-- Chip Haynes (, April 12, 2001.

I think they should kepp doing what they are doing.

-- Dean Rivers (, April 23, 2001.


-- JAMES R SWANNER (, May 03, 2001.

I've watched in amazement, mostly because changing a lightbulb is a major repair for me...however a spin off (as opposed to simply another challenge) would be to use different material...for example, using garbage, or plastics waiting to be recycled or maybe use the 'throw away' from a restaurant and call it junk-chef wars.

Another spinoff idea would be to use teens/kids and give them limited challenges and see what their imagination does. For example, the 'timer' they use to start things off and keep track of the hours elapsed is a perfect kind of challenge. Did you ever see the game, "Those Incredible Machines" that, ala Rube Goldberg.

-- Ira Goldwyn (, June 19, 2001.

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