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There were several good suggestions that were deemed too dangerous; why not have the teams build unmanned versions of those? Having the vehicles on train tracks would take care of any steering worries. Build spring powered vehicles, wind them up as tight as they go, and turn them loose (maybe pulling against each other) on a train track. If some of their springs 'blew', it'd just be more entertaining! Build tethered, unmanned helicopters this way. Use a heavy tether, like chain, and whichever team can lift the highest wins. Ornithopters (probably also unmanned) would be very entertaining. An a similar note, how about cruise missles? Essentially, they'd be unmanned airplanes. One team could do a streamline thrust pair of props and the other might go for some kind of rocket.

-- Eric Raabe (, January 19, 2001


Build a cargo ship.After the two team's build there cargo ship they race there ships.To complete the race the two team's must fill 5 boxes of rubber chickens and bring them to a restuarant.The first team to bring the rubber chickens to the restuarant wins.There are two rules.The first rule is all the team members must be in the ship.The second rule is you can not bump your opponents ship.

-- Nicolas Joseph korol (, January 21, 2001.

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