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Suggestion: Build a Fire Boat!!!

1) It must float, and move to a location on the water that has a fire going, the boat must be able to put out the fire...

PS Great show, I even got my wife watching!!!

-- Mitch (, January 19, 2001


Already been done-- The Season 3 finals if memory serves. Brothers in Arms vs. the NERDS. Brothers in Arms won (sniff.. I was rooting for the NERDS).. The episode's contraptions were exactly as you described. Watch it when you can-- Great ep. =)


-- Thomas (, January 19, 2001.

I often wondered How The Beahc Boys would have done on that episode. I bet it would have been interesting....On the Other Note...I Wonder how the Nerds would have done had they won and got to build the Drag Racer. AH....What ifssss

-- JunkMan (, January 19, 2001.

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