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I'd come up with a couple of ideas and so I came in search of a place to post them. First, kinetic powered vehicles. No engines, just springs and weights. Have them be large enough to carry the whole team and whichever team goes the farthest wins. Another idea is snowmobiles, although I haven't seen much snow during Junkyard Wars. And how about generators? Hook up a couple engines and alternators and see who can crank out the most juice.

-- Eric Raabe (, January 19, 2001


Kinetic powered vehicles! Now that's a good idea. Were I in such a challenge, I think the concept I'd go with would be a gravity-powered clockwork mechanism as the drive source.

For the competition itself, though, I think that you'd have a better chance with a relatively light vehicle and one driver than one designed to carry four people.

-- Patrick Degan (, January 19, 2001.

Sounds very good

-- Richard Manahan (, January 19, 2001.

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