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i have 2 vcd movies. both of them can play on a DVD\VCD Player. somehow one can play on PC but the other can't. i tried VCDgear, ifilm Edit and cinematograph software but still can't play the dat file. error msg say dat file signiture error or dat file not supported.

-- king chan (, January 19, 2001


I assume that you are using media player version 6. If it is still installed on your computer try the original version of media player - this often works for me. You may even have another VCD player on a disk with your graphics card or sound card - try them. Alternatively use a DVD playback software like cyberlink power DVD and this will work. Have a look at the message board on my site for information or leave a message if you are still having trouble. (Is it a cheapo pirate VCD?)

-- Waynne Smith (, January 19, 2001.

this has happend to me on a few occasions as well. The last one being last night. I burned a vcd with 4 clips and for some unknown reason the fourth clip will not play in the PC (media player gives the unknown format). Plays great in my homedeck payer though

-- Doug (, January 19, 2001.

Hi Stranger, I just found out how to play VCD on your PC. In order to play VCD you have to have Windows Media player installed in your computer (donít worry if you donít have the latest one) once you have Media player go to this link and download Quick VCD player, and you are ready to goÖ.. Sonu.. tag=st.dl.10001-103-1.lst-7-9.4685563

-- Sonu (, March 01, 2001.


-- ccs (, April 25, 2001.

It works!!!!!

-- George (, December 12, 2002.

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