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What is the best software to use for copying an existing VCD? Are some software better than others? I used the the HP CD-Writer Plus software which came with my HP 8200. When I played back the first part of the copy it played fine but later on in the movie the video and sound got all screwy. Is this a problem with the software, hardware or the type of CD I am using? I used a Fuji CDR burned at 2X speed. Would using single speed help? I'm new at this. Thanks a lot for your patience

-- Mr Bigglesworth (, January 19, 2001


from my experience with hp cd-writer plus i can tell you its not too friendly, i got a lot of problems with it. i had problems with audio cds and data cds so i havent even bothered VCD on that software. since i started using Nero my problems have gone. Get hold of Nero Burning Rom. you can download a demo version and try to find a crack or you can buy it. what ever you prefer

-- kellyc (, January 19, 2001.

Well,im not an expert,but i have an older hp cd writer,i tried and tried to burn vcd with adaptec 4.2 and kept ruining discs,well,after 10 ruined disck,i decided to try a cd/rw disc.i tried a brand new hp cd/rw that came with my cd/rw drive,3 brands and nothing worked. luckily i had 1 memorex cd/rw disk and tried that.seems most cd/rw are pretty much trash.memorex works great and since i started using memorex,i havnt ruined 1,all my video cd,s are on memorex cd/rw and i havnt ruined another disk since i started using this,i suggest you try this,memorex cd/rw platinum,part number 3202-3156,i just bought 40 at staples for 10.00 a 10 pack.

-- todd (, January 19, 2001.

the HP burners are not that good at all. I replaced mine a while ago with a plextor burner. Two ggod programs that will copy a nice image file of a vcd are: NTI cd maker pro(not the 2000 one), and you cna also use cdrwin

-- Doug (, January 19, 2001.

After having tried a few set-ups I traced the problem, not to the writer or s/w, but to the VCD being copied. When A VCD is copied it's treated as a CD-ROM by the CD-Copy s/w. Legit CD-ROMs have a much more robust error correction that's why even with a few scratches on the original copies can be made and successfully run. The same amount of scratches on original VCDs, however, can allow it to be played by your set-top but not necessarily copied correctly by your s/w and burner. That's why, for one, copied VCDs sometimes do not play properly if at all but the original is okay. If the original is pristinely clean and scratch-free then you're more likely to make playable copies out of it. To attempt a get around, instead of copying the VCD, try extracting the *.dat files to *.mpg with, for example, VCDGear using the fix and ace options, and then authoring a new VCD from those files.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 20, 2001.

Just suck your dick and everything will be fine!:)

-- Putang Ina (, March 05, 2001.

Message to Putang Ina (

Puntang Ina Mo! Thanks for your great advice. I guess you've tried and it works for you?

-- Mr Bigglesworth (, March 05, 2001.

simply put - use clonecd at NO MORE THAN 2x. anything higher gives picture errors

-- John Gourdie (, May 12, 2001.

Putang-Ina! Your write!

-- Kupal (, August 08, 2001.

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