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I'm sure many of us can post on this one. How has Junk Yard Wars Inspired us. Have we had any projects we've started after watching the show? Here's My Experiance. After watching the Show I was inspired to Build a Sprint Car/Go Kart. I love The Way A winged Sprint Car looks, and Thought it would be fun to build a mini version. I've Already started Hitting Junk Yards to see what I can get from them to build My Car. I've only got one problem and maybe someone out here can offer a suggestion. I'm not a Mechanic by any means so I'm kinda Stuck on the Motor. I've decided to Get one BRand New rather then a used one from a YArd. I'm looking at a Engine ranging from 10hp-20hp with a horizontal Shaft. I'm not wanting a car that goes super fast or I'd obviously set my sites Higher. So my Question is any suggestions on an Engine that I can get at least 35-40 mph? I was thinking of scrapping a Riding LAwn Mower as I can get several Parts of it that I can use. ANy thoughts? Plus I look Forward to hearing Everyone elses JYW inspired Projects

-- JunkMan (, January 18, 2001


>>>So my Question is any suggestions on an Engine that I can get at least 35-40 mph?<<<

Try a chainsaw engine. I built many steel-framed go-carts from scratch over the years (without welding), and I ultimately found the chainsaw engine MORE than powerful enough, and much LESS bulky than a small motorcycle engine. This is just raw power with a throttle (though I imagine you could devise a gear box of some sort). NOTE: Make sure you focus great care on your braking system... You'll NEED it. }=]

C. Austin


-- Charles Austin (, January 19, 2001.

im considering building a go cart for my kids..and im going to use a smaller displacement motorcycle its pretty much self contained. i.e. clutch,gears sprocket,etc...amen on the suggestion about the brakes!

-- tim (, January 19, 2001.

Don't be too quick to pass up the salvage yard for an engine, JunkMan. You'd be surprised just what you can find available.

You have to remember that most vehicles which end up on the scrapheap after being totalled in an accident are the victims of frame-damage more than anything else. It's impossible to ever repair a warped frame, of course, which is why most cars involved in a serious accident are simply written off. But a good many of the parts used for repairs and even whole rebuilds are scavenged from the scrapheaps. Scrapyards are among the single biggest sources of parts for dealer service departments and repair shops.

Twenty years ago, my best friend and I (then nextdoor neighbours to boot), having just graduated from our respective schools and facing an empty summer ahead, spent two and a half glorious months rebuilding a 1970 Ford LTD (his). The source-engine for the project, a big-block 462 Lincoln motor, came right from the salvage yard. We just went down there one afternoon, told the guy what we wanted, and hopped on his scrap wagon until we got to the pile of engines pulled from wrecked Fords. All of them were in good shape --all their parts intact and not a cracked block among them. A little petrol and a battery hookup and the motor fired up right on the spot. We tore it down anyway to clean the valves and pistons, replace what needed to be replaced in the power-train, and dropped the reassembled motor into the frame two weeks later. Worked like a dream, and you should have heard that motor sing.

Take my word for it --scrapyards are treasure troves. Something I learned years before Junkyard Wars was even thought of.

-- Patrick Degan (, January 19, 2001.

Hey JunkMan , If I was doing it I would use a small(250cc or so)snowmobile engine. They have a centrifugal clutch & the belt drive acts like a transmission. This would be easy to Bodge together & have lots of horse power for your cart, no clutch either. It would easily do 40mph so be safe then sorry, put a roll over bar (roll cage) & seatbeat on it. I was inpired but lastnites show, I wanna build a hovercraft. I got a great plan allready . All I need is the motor & prop. Happy bodging. :)

-- Rick Lawrence (, January 19, 2001.

I've received a few emails already, asking me HOW I built steel-frame go-carts WITHOUT welding. You may be embarrassed to hear the answer. I used threaded 1" plumbing pipe, with all of the angled and threaded joints afforded. You could build a flipping MONUMENT using threaded iron plumbing pipe. Iron plumbing pipe is no longer a building standard (something about steam passing over iron that produced combustible hydrogen gas pockets). On the other hand, the 1" pipe was relatively light-weight in building go-cart frames---Coupled with a light-weight chainsaw engine and two cups of gas-and-oil, the machine could, verily, pull HELL off the cross.

C. Austin


-- Charles Austin (, January 19, 2001.

And one more thing. The chainsaw engine was configured for a different type of load than lawnmower engines. Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engines, for instance, are high-compression, like airplane engines, designed with a low-load shear-pin, which breaks off under rather wimpy loads, leaving the cam to freewheel when you hit dense weeds. Chainsaw engines, on the other hand, are designed for much HIGHER loads, sufficient to cut through an oak stump or launch a go-cart to a velocity MUCH FASTER than many of you will find comfortable. }=]

C. Austin


-- Charles Austin (, January 19, 2001.

And, yes, I understand the difference between iron and steel. My dad was a supervisor with Sheffeild Steel, and I received weekly discourses on the conversion of iron to steel throughout my childhood. Geez, you people are SO picky. }=]

C. Austin


-- Charles Austin (, January 19, 2001.

Junkyard Wars inspired me to build a robot. I checked out web sites to see what could be made by a home robot builder and found out that it's kind of expensive and you have to learn a lot of electronics and when you're all done, you just have an ugly pile of electronic parts with minimal functionality that is farther from the robots of science fiction than an amoeba from a human being. But neverfear, I'm still inspired to bodge something else. Maybe I'll go back to work on my unfinished balsa airplane model kits.

-- Richard Manahan (, January 19, 2001.

a Chainsaw engine? Thats interesting as I never consider it since it's so small. No would it matter if my sprint car/go kart will be used off road? THanks for all the suggestions, I'm defenitly taking notes

-- JunkMan (, January 19, 2001.

I live in utah where people throw away old snowmobiles and atvs, Honda three wheelers, tote gotes, all the time in the local scrap yard. Sometimes I luck out and find big atv wheels. My go kart has a briggs and straton 5 hp motor and I enclosed it by putting a snowmobile front end or hood over the engine that is the front end was put in facing backwards {motor is in back). It looks great. You will have to do some cutting and when you do cut; cut a little at a time. Careful once you cut out too much you cannot get it back. Take your time. Caution fiberglass has to be filed when finished wear safety glasses and leather gloves. The tires came off of an old three wheeler for back make it look awesome. I used tote gote tires for front an old chrome steering wheel and an old plastic bucket seat. For bearings on the axel on back use the generic cooler bearings. If one goes out you can replace easy. My go kart can go on dirt and pavement. If you want a pic let me know. Good luck Steve

-- steven montoya (, January 19, 2001.

I live in utah where people throw away old snowmobiles and atvs, Honda three wheelers, tote gotes, all the time in the local scrap yard. Sometimes I luck out and find big atv wheels. My go kart has a briggs and straton 5 hp motor and I enclosed it by putting a snowmobile front end or hood over the engine that is the front end was put in facing backwards {motor is in back). It looks great. You will have to do some cutting and when you do cut; cut a little at a time. Careful once you cut out too much you cannot get it back. Take your time. Caution fiberglass has to be filed when finished wear safety glasses and leather gloves. The tires came off of an old three wheeler for back make it look awesome added plus the brakes are already there just make a linkege and pedal. I used tote gote tires for front an old chrome steering wheel and an old plastic bucket seat. For bearings on the axel on back use the generic cooler bearings. If one goes out you can replace easy. My go kart can go on dirt and pavement. If you want a pic let me know. Good luck Steve

-- steven montoya (, January 19, 2001.

Golf cart parts are ready made steering with suspension for the go cart thing. Chain saw engines are great for go carts, but being two cycle, are a bit stinky when they run. They were used on the first racing go carts back in the early sixties. By putting one on each rear wheel, speeds of over 65mph were attained. Have fun, but keep it safe.

-- Waddy Thompson (, January 19, 2001.

this site sux man there shoud be pictures or something dumbass

-- cornholio (, March 04, 2001.

Well, Cornhole....Now that you've provided the dumbass stuff, we just need some pictures......

-- John Gap (, March 04, 2001.

well i have a go cart and it has two chain saw engines for both rear wheels. i just used two chain saw engines that i found in a scrap yard. just dig through the stuff and you will be amazed at what you will find. one chain saw that was there just had a brocken chain and cracked bar!! the rest was fine!!! it is amazing how stupid some people could be sometimes! well i hope you find your dream engine man! Jurell

-- Jurell Newman (, March 07, 2001.

it doesnt matter what kind of load the engine can load because there will be gear's on the go kart unless you want to pull the cord and go flying.

-- george (, March 12, 2001.

I have a go-kart with a YZ 80 engine that i found in a junk yard and took it off aYz that had been run into a tree.The bike was prity messed up but the only thing wrong in the engine area was the chain was broken.It runs great and it goes through so much mud you can't beliave it the top speed is around 75 mph it a blast driving it. My dad had the frame made for me for my birth day by one of his friends it has 6 inches of travel in the rear and 5 inches in the front.I put the engine and every thing else in by my self it took me one full day to put in the engine by my self.

-- Stephen (, April 12, 2001.

Yes, I too have been heavily inspired by Junk Yard Wars. I decided to build a dual breast pump. I used a $19 Kmart ceiling fan for a motor. I used a belt drive to gear a jackshaft down to 60 rpm. The jackshaft runs a bell crank to drive a 1" piston with about 2" of travel. The end of the cylinder is sealed and has two ports for the tubing to hookup at. From there the tubes run to the breast cups. The cups are clear. It is neat to watch their nipples as the suction pulls them in and out. I did not know they could do that! Everyone has enjoyed testing the unit out. The fan motor has three speed setting to drive the nipples. It has been a great project and I hope it will last through years of testing. The only thing left is to make different size breast cups.

-- Bam Bam of Atlanta (, April 16, 2001.


-- jlhvhcuhvjhbyc (yvyuvycvycvyc@dfk .com), May 29, 2001.

I just put a Ski-Doo 440cc snowmoblie engine on my go-kart and it does about 55mph with the original secondary. Im planning on putting a snowmobile secondary on it and then it will cruise about 80-90mph.

-- Tim (, May 29, 2001.

On a smaller scale, I built a go kart with PVC pipe, Honda Accord stater motor, and 4" wheels with pneumatic tires from a wagon. No welding and costs less than $350 total. Has been going for 1yr. with no major problems - other than worn tires.

You can see it here:

-rob lee

-- Rob Lee (, June 01, 2001.

Years ago I built a cart from a old lawnmower frame, just stretched it out 14 inches and put my old 125 Suzuki motor on it, it was a 1972 bike so there wasn’t the big power band that today’s bikes have. I had to lengthen the shift lever so I could shift it by hand, didn’t worry about a clutch. I just shoved it in first and the thing started spinning (even on black top). The only thing I do regret is I also didn’t worry about brakes! It made things hairy in the woods but an absolute blast in a hay field. I lowered the seat to the frame after the first test drive to get the center of gravity down. Used the lawn tractor tires that were on it, they worked fine. The cart would squall the tires on pavement in the first three gears. It was a blast (remember I was 20 and bullet proof) Good Luck

-- Matt Noblitt (, August 28, 2001.

I was wandering how i could get more hp out of a 20 hp briggs and stratton vtwin. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please respond

-- ben spoon (, August 30, 2001.

I'm thinking about building a go-kart even though i really have no idea how I'm going to do it. i want to use two chain saw engines put shocks of some sort in because i plan on using it off-road, I also want devise some sort of gearing so i don't have to 65 miles an hour all the time and links to any plans will help so i can get a ideas.

-- Eric (, October 04, 2001.

I realy dont' have any idea but I do know that if you can find an engie taht works at a junk yard your go kart thingy will work. I have know idea what I'm talking about so just ignore everything I just said!

-- micah lynn (, October 26, 2001.

i wasn't inspired from junkyard wars or anything, but i have always wanted to put some sort of engine on a normal bike. My idea is to find some way of fixing the engine into the triangle of the frame, and have a chain going directly to the back wheel. I found a suffolk colt lawnmower in a junkyard, and the engine works, but it is a bit big for the frame of the bike. I was wondering if a chainsaw engine would work, and if that would fit in the bike. Please e-mail me with any suggestions or ideas that might work, or if anyone knows anyone who has been successful with a similar project please give me pictures. Thanks and good luck to everyone else put there trying to make anything. Chris

-- chris (, October 27, 2001.

Hey! I love Junk Yard wars!! N-E ways I have a suggestion for your cart.. Me and my cuz recently spent alot of time getting a engine for our go ped we were making from scratch. We went to the Di in Utah and found a scooter, off subject.. The best motor that I think would work would be a snow blower or a edger (kinda the older ones) theyre not as bulky as a mower but can have quite a punch! SO enjoy have any more ideas about anything give me a e-mail..later

-- Tanner (, November 08, 2001.

Hey Girls, ive built a gocart using a 292 yamaha sled motor, 2" square tubing frame - role bar, buket seat and 13" racing rims with low pro slicks . one problem , dosent stear worth a shit with the front end 3' off the ground at 60 m.p.h happy bodging (be carefull)


-- (, November 15, 2001.

i am building a go cart and i want to know which i the best way to build the frame and how to make a gearbox and a good engine mount. if anybody has help for me email me

-- jake (, February 06, 2002.

I am going to build a off road cart. I found out that the best way was to use a old golf cart frame and put a lift in it. Use a sled engine it will go fast and have more uphill power.

-- Snow kid (, March 17, 2002.

I'm looking into building a go-kart from a 5.5hp Briggs and Straton lawnmower engine. From this, how would I devise the clutch and gearing? Also, would it be possible to turbocharge a small engine like this with a turbo from a car? Thanks

-- Pete (, March 18, 2002.

I have a lawnmower engine that is it can i still build a go kart from this or is it going to be under powered should i get a chainsaw engine also if i put an engine on each wheel how do i get the power to each wheel the same also i have no idea how to keep the go kart in neutral becuase if i build it as soon as i pull the cord it will go so if you have suggestioins please email me thank you

-- Joshua Timothy Strong (, March 26, 2002.

We race Micro Sprint Karts here every Friday night all summer long and they are exactly what you discribe. Micro versions of Outlaw sprint cars with 440cc snowmobile motors on them. Average speed on the 1/8th mile dirt track is 55+mph. For more info you can check out and if your ever in London, Ontario on a Friday night you know where the best racing action is!

-- Kart #15 (, March 26, 2002.

Yes. you should be able to get that much i have a small go cart with a 5hp briggs engine and a centerfugal clutch that will run in the mid 40's. i also too the governer out of it so im actually running about 7 hp. also consider your gear ratios. if you use a small gear on the engine and you want speed then use a small gear on the axel. but if you want more torque, use a small sprocket on the engine and a large sprocket on the axel.

-- Todd Myers (, March 27, 2002.

also, you can turbocharge smaller engines. there's a site somewhere where you can buy the products. i dont remember the name though. search for it on yahoo. if you need a clutch its best to either us a centerfugal (sp?) clutch or a torque converter. the 1st one is 1 speed and its pretty reliable and i think the torque converter can be a 2 speed. im not sure though

-- Todd Myers (, March 27, 2002.

40+ mph sounds decent for my first go kart. It might be hard for me to find a smaller turbo, so do you think a turbo from a car would work, or would it put too much stress on the engine? I think I might just find a motorcycle engine or some other engine that already has the gearing and clutch intact so I don't have to mess with it as much.

-- Pete (, March 30, 2002.

As some one who has built a couple off road karts, and as some one who is involved in mini baja racing i am not a big fan a chain saw motor karts. The small displacement makes the kart a real dog on the bottom end and if your a guy of any size it is just not enough power to get you around. I would recomend what i am using in my current project, a 337 rotax two stroke snowmobile motor. It is all aluminum and packs a 35hp punch in a package lighter then a 10hp briggs and straton. One thing to think of...the motor they run in midgit sprint car racing is a 250 rotax with a six speed. Though i would go with the senterfuge cluch and ctv transmition pulley from a snowmobile. And whats with all the concern over brakes, they only slow you down. Have fun and good luck.

-- Jon Speelman (, May 02, 2002.

here's an idea i've been working on for a couple day's now. Just to need to get the parts. Anyway, find an old sled somewhere, preferebly with bogiewheel suspension to reduce wear(I have a '76 Moto-Ski Spirit 250, similar to the Elan 250). Take the ski's off and instead mount wheels on. You'll have to do some measurements so you get it right. You don't want it tipping forward or have it's nose stuck in the air. Actually I got this idea from another guy. He took an old sled, couldn't remember what kind, that had a 16hp hirth in it, did the mod's mentioned here and he claims it will go just about anywhere. Even go's great on tar down the road! He claim's he was clocked at 80!

As far as a turbo-charger is concerned, find a small smog pump. It can be belt driven from the motor an act as a supercharger. here's a link for some more info arging.htm


-- Nate Huntley (, May 03, 2002.

another thing i forgot to mention, make sure it's a rubber track. A cleat track could be used but wouldn't work well on tar. It would also have a tendecy to dig dirt quite badly. just my thoughts


-- Nate Huntley (, May 03, 2002.

can anyone give me junkyards in new jersey with go-carts and minibikes please write me back if you know

-- john provenzano (, May 07, 2002.

Well, If you want to build a go-kart, draw alot of pictures of what the frame could look like. Include the roll cage. Find some axles and bearings and stuff on ebay (really cheap), get an engine (I have an old Briggs and Stratton 9HP on my 2 seater off road buggy, and it flys at over 60MPH) and put a sprocket on the axel and jump in a glass of milk! Simple as that. Oh yeah. I am a dohnut.

-- Chris (, June 01, 2002.

Hey, I don't know alot about go carts, so please, any kind person send pics and advice to me on how th build one.

-- Lutz (, June 19, 2002.

hi im working on a yard kart right now and so far all i have is a fame that i made using these free plans does any one know if this is a good frame? I have an old two man chain saw engine and was wondering if I need to have 2 engines or if one would give me the speed i want(about 30-40mph) also can i use the prockets and chain off a regular 6 speed bicycle? thanks

-- matt revesz (, June 27, 2002.

HELP! I need to take the governer off my cousins golf cart can someone email me some directions and please include drawings to help?? It's greatly appreciated!!


-- Tony LaMere (, June 27, 2002.

Does anybody have any advice on building a 1 man hovercraft from a lawnmower? should i use the original engine or salvage one from a chains

-- Tom miles (, July 04, 2002.

I'm only 16 and i have built a 5hp gokart from scratch. It tgook awhile but it was worth it. I had to rebuild the engine. But now my supercharged 5hp engine pulls me and my cart over 80mph. Its crazy!! Anyone planning to build one should remember that even small enignes can be useful is used right. Any question bout my cart or small engines email me. Thanx

-- Greg Doe (, July 19, 2002.

i want 2 make a minibike and a go kart does anybody know how 2 make a minibike and gokart frame without welding and how 2 build it also what kind of engine can i use how do i put the whole thing together

-- Raynell Moore (, July 19, 2002.

I'm 14 and i have a 5hp lawnmower engine and i want to build a go- cart, but i'm not so sure how to do it. If it's possible, can anyone please tell me how to build one? I have a slight idea on building one, but i have no clue on building a clutch or gearbox. PLease email me with hints and ideas. Thanks

-- Shawn Cammy (, July 31, 2002.

hey i race jr dragsters which we use 5 hp briggs and stration engines 2 power them and i can help anyone on building a engine ive takin a 5 hp engine and mae it do 95mph pushin a 350 lbs drag car

-- Justin Malott (, August 03, 2002.

this is not an answer its a question im trying to build a go cart from a shopping cart an a chain saw if any one has tips in stearing, wheals chains o yeah can some body tell me how i can get the chain from the chain saw to connect to the sproket please give me some advice

-- justin (, August 11, 2002.

Please if some one could tell me where some junkyards are in Minnesota I would be so happy. I really need to go to one. So please e-mail me as soon as you can if you have an answer!!!!!!!!!!

-- Jake johnson (, August 12, 2002.

whats you guys and chain saws? they have 2hp and no torque. a B&S 5hp is very available and is the standard for go karts. they also have 8 ft lbs of torque. lawn mower engines are hard to use for karts, they vertical shaft. blowers or edgers have horizontal shafts and you can get everything from for a kart. And a previious post about shear pins and high compresion is wrong. they are low compresion and there is no frigen shear pin anywere

-- joe (, August 13, 2002.

I am buildin a gocart that is 5 feet long and 29 inches across. I have a 233cc snowmobile engine and i need plans to make a differential for the rear end. Please respon if any ideas. I started it about 3 weeks ago and i have disc brakes i put together from a motorcycle and a claiper from a jeep.

-- pib008 (, August 18, 2002.

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-- Roberto Martins (, August 27, 2002.

My son races 90cc mini-quads. The horizontal piston engines on these little quads utilize a cvt automatic transmision which is completely self-contained. These engines were originally used as scooter motors. They are very small and have the potential to produce up to 18 - 20 hp. These motors would be great for your application.

-- Jim Roncone (, August 28, 2002.

A few years ago my dad and I built a homemade buggy out fo various parts from lawnmowers and 1/2in steel pipe for the kids. The frame was about 5ft long and 3and a half ft wide the axels were Lawn mower axels we had to extend. to power it,we tried different engines but stuck with a 8hp Techumseh electric start.We used a 3speed gearbox and mounted it and the motor with 1/4in plate metal .to change gears we used the same setup as a rear engine mower ,pully and belt system.The clutch and brake were used from the gear differentiate the speed we used different pullies and different axel gears.Dad went sofar as to build a body for it out of plywood in the form of a Jeep.Because of th electric start system we installed headlights,and a brakelight.We used the tracks from a car seat to ajust for the kids.we also installed a clutch and gas pedal on the floorboard (whitch was sheetmetal)wheels and stearing was also from a mower

-- Larry Thompson (, September 09, 2002.

Junkyard Wars has inspired me to build a buggy and call it the General Lee.I have a red fox go kart frame and I could use any help you could give me.Do you think a 6hp go ka engine could work.

ps. do you think you could have a fiberglass body(like nascar)

-- Brandon Dunn (, September 24, 2002.

Hi, Although I am not short on ideas , I need one that works. :) I recently bought a bare honda odyssey frame, frame, clutch and axle only. Right now it has a soild rear axle and I was wondering if there was an easy way for rear suspension. or just run big ballon tires and keep the origional setup. also on the axle is there a way to put a disc brake on it? i am not willing to go with just front brakes, i expect the final product to go 70+ mph (300cc two stroke or 340cc twin two stroke)

-- Glenn (, September 24, 2002.

it's not an answer it's a question. i am building and go kart i have a 200cc honda 3 wheeler motor 4 stroke i want to go with a 2 stroke but i live in alabama and it is hard to find any good 2 stroke motors and i am tryin to go as cheap as possible i dont know what i am going to do for the gears and all if anyone has any ideas please e-mail me with them. i want about 60 to 70mph out of it i want to use a banshee motor but yet to find one e mail me for any suggestions on a motor or how to build the rear end i want it for pavement not off road. thanks for helping

-- brent drinkard (brent, October 03, 2002.

how do you supercharge a small engine such as a 200cc honda engine or a 5hp b&s engine. email me with any pics or info you have on building a street kart

-- brent drinkard (brent, October 03, 2002.

i bough a go kart and i am in the process of fixing it up now...we had the engine running great, then my uncle took it home and cleaned it and it took us forever to figure out how to fix what he broke. We fixed it and it ran pretty good, then out of no where it sounded like it wasnt gettin gas. we bought some new gaskets and stuff and put them on and it turns out that the wire that connects around the spark plug didnt fire. The magnet works fine, sparkplug is fine, so we figure thats what is wrong with it. if this has ever happend to any one, can you email me at and tell me how i can fix it. or tell me what you think is wrong, thanks.

-- daniel (, October 14, 2002.

For all these questions about supercharging a small engine, I just found the ultimate setup! How about a FACTORY BUILT BLOWN 5HP BRIGGS!!! (WITH A ONE YEAR WARRANTY)!!! RIGHT HERE ---->

Another note, anybody know where I can find a comet ind. Gear box, I know they make them but cant find a dealer. Its a foward 1-1,neutral,reverse w/reduction. Thanx,Chuck...

-- Chuck (, October 20, 2002.

well i have an old sled {ski-doo} with i want will mount its 340cc moter to a avrage home made frame with tires and driveshaft and stering box to a steel bar frame and add the brake from the sled to stop it. my sled dose 80kph now with lots of drage and with my estmants i will do almost 110kph . my engion is a 340cc air cooled 2 stroke with a steel bloke and a rudder belt cluch sistem wich causes it to grab in when to acrelator is applyed tois will give me alot of speed controle but of course i will go full throttle all the time

-- jake, thats good enouf for now (, November 08, 2002.

Hey all ... I love Junk Yard Wars. its great...a chain saw supplies perfect power for a mini car/ subject i have a question for anyone that can help me....i am currently building a push lawnmower converted into a using the original vertical shaft and im looking for gears to go from vertical to horizontal shafts they are like 45 degree gears or someting but if someone can help me out id greatly appreciate it


-- Jason Sphinx (, November 09, 2002.


-- SUE CLARK (MADTATCLARK@MSN.COM), November 09, 2002.

3-wheeler motor... HELL YEAH

-- chiz (, November 11, 2002.

i got an old riding lawn mower that had a 12 HP briggs on it. spending 4 months on it, extending the frame 12 inches, lowering the seat to the frame ( an 80 dollar racing bucket seat )built a roll cage, i brought the axle above the frame, ( a 1 in. diff. axle with large golf cart tires ). it lowered the cart to lust 2 in. off the ground. i completly rebuilt the front stearing solid. i coustomized the body with a ton of sheet metal, fiberglass and body filler. after finishing it, theres not anoyher one like it. dont think i forgot about the motor, i put an old honda motorcycle motor ( cb 350 ) off an old crouser. i got it out of a closed down junk yard. it odviously hasent been run for over 15 years. it had no carberators on it, and no balis resister for the charging system. the coils were water loged and two of the wires were broke. i dryed them out, and made then temporarly work. i hooked everything up to a 12 volt car batery, sprayed some starting fluid into the cylinders. the first time i tryed starting it, it started and ran for only a few seconds ( no carberators ). now i new the motor was, to get the motor running and looking good, i got a carberator and intake manifold off of an old 4 cylinder car (1.6 leter),made an intake manifold to fit my motor (my motor is a 4 cylinder), bought a universal fuel pump, and hooked everything together. then i had the ignition problem. its a 4 cylinder with two coils (two cylinders per coil), and it has points ignition. so i got 4 coils (1 coil per cylinder) desined for older chevy v8's with points ignition. i made sure they had copasitators and resisters built in them, hooked them up to the points on the motor (2 coils to 1 point) and they work like a charm. the charging system would have cost me 400+ dollars to get working, so insted, i hooked a pully to where the generator was.then i put a crome "1 wire" alternator on the motor with custom made mounts, it works great. the motor had straight exaust (no muffler system) with crome pipes. they were rusted to hell from being so old, but steel wool and wire brushes cleaned them and the motor up like new. i joined all 4 pipes together into 1-2 1/4 inch pipe, and custom made an exaust pipe to the back and put a regular car muffler on it (it has to be quiet to drive on the streets in buffalo new york). to bring the power from the motor to the rear axle i hookeda jack shaft up close to the motor, so the chain went from the motor to the jack shaft then the jack shaft to the rear axle. thes made changing the gears very easy. id say the hardest part of making this was keeping everything above the frame (exaust, drive chain,ect.),but it was well worth it, considering it go's from 0 to 60 MPH in less then 6 seconds, and with it being a 5 speed, it tops out at 140 MPH (now can you see why i redid my front end).and being 2 inches off the ground, it handles better than any car ive been in. and, all in all, it all cost me less than 400 dollars. i hope telling you's about my project will help give you ideas on some of the thing that you can do.

-- joseph gilson (, November 12, 2002.

hello, some of you may be interested to know that i have built a bicycle with a small engine on it. the total cost was about Aus$50 and it gets up to about 50-60Kph (30-36Mph) you can have a look at it here: enjoy.

-- Kendal Boughton (, November 19, 2002.

oh and jason, if you make an 'L' shaped bracket to mount the engine on its side you wont need the gears, it should run fine if its a two-stroke and the float chamber is pointing down. (dont do it with a 4-stroke V- shaft)

-- Kendal Boughton (, November 21, 2002.

to the above....yae i know if i had a 2 stroke it wouldnt matter but its a 4 hp 4stroke and im trying to find some kind of gear to go on it to convert from the vertical shaft to a horizontal shaft under the body of the lawn mower to conceal it better...i know they make something but i dont know where to find it

-- Jason Sphinx (, December 09, 2002.

i have a old tractor with a bad motor it has a live rear axle.i have a 200cc motor off my 3 wheeler i want to adapt it any suggestions? oh and its a front engine tractor.thanks 4 your help P.S. please respond on this page my e-mail adress does not work

-- Andrew Dawson (, December 21, 2002.

What is a good place for me to find a go cart frame or an easy one to build, and how do you take a govenor off an engine ?

-- bob miller (, December 22, 2002.

i have watched junk yard wars for years now . i built my oldest son a gokart last summer from scrap. 50cc punch engin she hit 35 mph the first test. i did no bracek not smart. i have all sorts of plans if anyone need a good base to start with . i am building a cart now full floating suspension . with a 175 it yamaha engin to power it the read is a donner yamaha 175 tri sport i modified to accept a singel coil over shock 3 feet long. i have some pics of the build if any one wants to check it out .

-- jerry a godin (, January 06, 2003.

Me and a friend are trying to soup up an old riding lawnmower we found. It has 4 gears, slow, medium, fast, and reverse, with no throttle. We want to make it have a gas pedal instead of the stupid gears. Anyone know how?

-- Chris Gaustad (, January 12, 2003.

If anyone is interested in buying any engines or gokart parts or gokart or even minibikes let me know i have mass loads of this stuff sittn around and im lookin to sell some of it...

-- Jason Sphinx (, January 16, 2003.

This is not an answer but a question. I have an old Stihil chainsaw with I think a 42-46cc motor on it. I want to built a street/racing designed kart with a live jack shaft axle. First of all, I need a clutch or a way to drive, because I dont want to start and go. Also, I would like to find another motor of same size, again it is an old stihil chainsaw one of the bigger models, but i dont know the model #. If there is any help that anyone could give me I would really apperciate it. Plus, I dont know why some of you guys dont like chainsaw motors, because I have seen a dule 28cc setup w/a 250 pound guy do 60-70mph.

-- Don Clark (, February 05, 2003.

which motor should i put on my go kart lawnmower or chainsaw motor i am look for ok speed about 40-50 mph. i is for an off road go-kart

-- adem roci (, February 18, 2003.

im building a go cart need plans for frame that i can build without welding thnx

-- joe bush (, February 19, 2003.

I was told there were many ways to power up a small 2 or 4 cycle engine such as shaving down valves into 45 degree angles (which i've never tried) but a couple of friends and i were building a go kart and we were looking for ways to power up the engine with jobs we can do to a stock engine without having to buy alot of expensive stuff..any info would be much appreciated..btw all the posts are very informative and i've learned much off of everyone elses questions and answers..

-- Mark (, February 20, 2003.

i wanna build a go kart out of a lawn mower engine or a wipper snipper engine which would be better and i need to build a frame without welding how can i do this

-- gull (, March 07, 2003.

hi i have just built a go-kart from 1" box section. i had no help and it was fairly easy. i have the engine from a 1970's simson motorbike. it is 50cc with 5 gears. the frame was welded together all by myself. i am only sixteen and this was only my second time arc welding(the thing will probably fall apart !!!). the accelerator is controlled by a lever on your right hand side and a hand brake on the left. i have not used the cluch i just ram it into gear and fly off !!!. the kick start has been taken off so the cart has to be bump started. the main problem i had was getting the rear sprocket for the chain central does anyone know how i can get it better for the next one i build ???

-- martin (, March 09, 2003.

To quote an erlier post "What is up with you guys and chainsaws". Chain saws are EXTERMELY weak. An erlier post said it has to have power to go thru logs, but they only need to chip a quarter inch path. I strongly reccomend against the usage of chainsaws. Your kid will be very sad when his cart goes 3mph. I reccomend going to a used mower shop. There you can score a 5hp briggs for like $50 (Very reliable engine, i got one from 1982". This, combined with a tourqe converter, can have him tearing around at 40+. All that crap about 60mph carts is bull. You simply cannot go that fast without a fast bike or a car. You NEVER EVER want to go that fast in a cart. A car maybe, but a cart thats bolted together with you 4 inches from the pavement, never in a cart.

PS: You can build a electric cart. This means 1-No $40 clutches 2-No $140 frame 3-No Throttle 4-No engine hassles With electric- just plug it in overnight and cruise around with 6hp for about 2 hours in the marrow. Low tourqe means you can reinforce PVC pipe and make a frame out of it! No kidding, PVC! (I have one, definity a flat land cruiser)

-- Ben Presley (, March 11, 2003.

anybody no a way to make a stub 1 wheel drive go cart a 2 wheel drive live axle with just useing scrap metal and stuff and not having to have an axle made.

-- (, March 16, 2003.

all you have to do is use a big old snowblower engine its as simple as that if you dont want to have all of that two stroke mess. I built on myself with just one gear it easily peels out and reaches realy high top speeds (strickly on road)

-- kevin monohan (, March 17, 2003.

i was wondering if a chainsaw motor would work for a motor for my gocart email please

-- josh (, March 26, 2003.

look around for a gas powered edger they have been around for years 2.5 or 3 hp horizontal shaft add a cent. clutch use new chain 40 and gears add an old disk brake on the drive shaft use over head bars or the kids could eat the fence car bumper or low hanging laundry

-- wm. massey (, March 29, 2003.

i am trying to put a motor on my moutain bike, this has been something i wanted to do for a long time, anyway, I DONT KNOW HOW TO WELD. would a string trimmer motor work? i am 17 years old and was thinking of KEEPING IT SIMPLE by putting the motor shaft on the back wheel. if anyone has any ideas e-mail me at:

-- David (, April 01, 2003.

how much horse power does the averavg 50 cc chainsaw engine produce and if i wanted to power one up can you get tuned exhausts for them

-- phil moody (, April 05, 2003.

don't be stupid save your self some money and buy a scrap engine fix it up maybe 8-10hp run it with an octain booster and a computer cooling fan as a turbo the way i forgot to tell you my home modifide b&s 5hp engine powers my go cart to 67mph if that's surprising i'm only 16!!! good luck!!

-- matt(gearitup startitup)cooper (, April 05, 2003.

I too am doing something like that, but i am taking a chevy small block and putting it on a riding mower! Any ideas or plans??

-- Brandon (, April 14, 2003.

i dont want the bike to go too fast plus i know nuthing about engions

-- david (, April 17, 2003.

i got an old mcculloch blower/vac. engion ready for mounting on my almost full size moutain bike and boy is it loud even with a muffler (thats good). Anyway, the engions throttle uses a plastic lever. i need suggestions in how to hook up this engion throttle.

put any ideas below

-- David (, April 21, 2003.

i hooked up a cable throttle and am using the front brake lever but can't figure out how to convert a lever motion witch is now reversed to a cabel (pulling)motion. since the motor is backward i cant puth the cable through the motor. the only other thing i can think of is get a longer cable and string it around the engion.

if anyone has any tips put them below. thanks

-- David (, April 21, 2003.

how fast might the engion(21.2cc mcculloch leaf blower) go?

-- david (, April 25, 2003.

There are so many posts here and so much information...but where to start? I have a 18hp twin engine from a lawn mower and I would like to be able to get decent speed (50+) if possible from it. I also need to build a frame. Some people have suggested pvc pipe but would this motor have too much torque for it? Any suggestions for a first time builder? I am trying to go more for an off road application rather than pavement. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Kelly (, May 01, 2003.


-- jhk (, May 12, 2003.

i am in the process of building an off road go ckart with a 250 cc kawasaki 2 cycle engine. i have an old quad with out a motor and i'm going to remove the front suspentionand weld up a frame for it and then i'm going to put a swing arm in the back with three wheeler tires and some in the front i have designed a role cage for it and have a pony ceg for a gas tank. the motor has gears and i just ran the chaine to the back live axle i have a plastic bucket seet from an old rock croller i am going to use the steering from the quad and mount a steering wheel on it, should do pretty gould off road if any one would like to share there opinion or mayby can give some better advise email me at

-- john burton age 17 (, May 14, 2003.

I am a member of the USLMRA (united sates lawn mower association) I am in a class of racers that run up to 75 mph. all i did was beef up my front end, i lowered it, put wider tires and smaller tires in rear, change size of drive pullies and trans pully, my final ratio from engine to transmission (tires) is 3.5 turns of engine= 1 turn of wheel i port and polished the heads and made my own custom headers and cam for it. It is extremely fast of line, i beat a mustang GT 0- 60 that fast or what...?

-- Andrew Rush (, May 15, 2003.

junkyard wars an monster garage has inspired me to build an offroad dune buggy, Yes from scratch. im 15 an i have built most of it at the school shop class. I bought a Kohler K301 engine 301cc for like 10 buks an it is perfect for my application, but all it needs is a starter coil. i was thinkin of a Msd ignition 2 blaster coil but the internal windings might be different.. id donno anyone with input my dune buggy is full suspention all from scratch 1 inch tube metal thick wall. Im think of puttin a comet 40 series torque converter on the 301, I also have a older kawasaki 100cc engine runs like a champ but it would be hard to get it all hooked up. i got lots of pics an im makin a website any questions any comments jus sent me an email...

-- Chris (, May 18, 2003.

hey what up y'all i need some plans for a go kart if it is posible free and i would like to have ones that r non welding cuz mine don't work any more or mabe wood plans or even pvc or abs pipe plans for a go kart i am very skilled in the mechanix area so somthing complicated would be fine and what type of motor should i use on it ex. Chain saw or horizontal shaft briggs or techumshe and hors poweer rating

-- Tim Smart (, May 24, 2003.

Hey, I don't know alot about go carts, so please, any kind person send pics and advice to me on how to build one. And also if anyone has any ideas on how to putt a trimmer engine on to a bicycle, please send me any pics or plans. I'll be very greatfull! Thanks

-- Robert (, May 31, 2003.

This is a question. I have a 12.5 HP riding lawnmower engine. It has a vertical shaft and I was wondering how i could use this vertical shaft to power an axle--obviously horizontal-- could I use a belt like the lawnmower did and snake it into a figure eight type shape. And when doing this where can i find a Cent. clutch that can take that many horsesand how would i hook it to this clutch. Im only 15 and dont no a whole lot about engines or clutches and gearing. All i know is that the gearing on the back axle of the lawnmower isn't utalicinz full power of the engine if someone could please email me some of this stuff it would be greatly appreciated.

-- Matt (, June 02, 2003.

Just another aussie teenager (17) putting a lawn mower engine into a bicycle frame. However, I want to build an offroad trike. Can a (push) mower engine ever hope to power this while reaching speads of 65-70 km/h (45+ mph?)?? Any (working) ideas for my trike would be greatly appreciated as this is still all up in my head.


-- Paul (, June 14, 2003.

i have an old manco go-kart and i was wondering wat would be the cheapest way and easiest way (because i no next to nothing about engines)to supercharge it or make it go much faster? thanx

-- steven penske (, June 14, 2003.

ok heres one for those that want to build a frame with out welding its really easy what u do is get your pvc pipe then insert into it a wooden dowel inside of it to give it more strengh ok lay out your pvc and make all your cuts then cut the dowels to match use red hot pvc glue to put it together should hold up to any thing u want to do well on the subject of carts i just built a 3 wheeled trike from a old 3 wheeled golf cart put a moped front end on it giving it a nice rake made some custom handle bars and came out nicely it will go roughly 25 30 mph on flat land but still able to climb a hill at a good clip so i hope this helps all of you good luck

-- william (, June 23, 2003.

I have been buildiing karts for many years all from scratch. Who ever said that a chainsaw engine would be suitable are obviously not very experineced and are not really in tune with what you are making.

-- Richard (, July 02, 2003.

I have been buildiing karts for many years all from scratch. Who ever said that a chainsaw engine would be suitable are obviously not very experineced and are not really in tune with what you are making. If you defernately want a horizontal shaft engine you are going to cause youself problems with gearing. My suggestion is to get an old ride on mower, and use to dif and then belt drive , and obvioisly the gearbox. This way you will have good acceration in low gears and a good top speed, easily 40mph. However these have vertical shafted engines. All you need to do is put a larger diameter, pulley on the engine and your kart will go like a bomb. You should be able to pick one up for abpve £50-100. Check to dif and the engine before purchase though. Good luck and happy building. If you have any problems email me.

-- Richard (, July 02, 2003.

u guys really suck @$$ hole goodly

-- u guys suck (, July 10, 2003.

I was wondering if anyone could give me a suggestion to modify or fix a small go-kart powered by a 5HP briggs and stratton a friend and I have been working on. I first of all want to say that money IS a problem. I would like to either find the parts or be able to jury rig them pretty easily. The engine that we put on the go-kart had a messed up carburator, so we replaced it with a 2HP Briggs and Stratton carburator (is this a problem) the engine still runs fine. We are in the process of looking for or maybe even buying a centrifugal clutch the previous one which was on the 2HP does not fit. If anyone could give me a suggestion i would really appreciate it.

-- Chris Johnson (, July 13, 2003.

me and my friend are buildign a go kart we have a 3.5 hp briggs and stratton engien aand i was wondering how muhc power this will have and if it would be a waster of tiime to mount this and jus get a more powerful one

-- ViNDawG (, July 14, 2003.

HI I'm looking for some simple freee go kart plns, something simpe and cheap thanks

-- max (, July 15, 2003.

i have a racing cart for sale it has a 2002 kx 500cc engin liquid cooled 6 speed, new tires,dual carbs fmf gold serise pipe w silnser bore and stroke ,advance timing ,ported ,twin air air filter, and much much more it is 900$ obo please call me at 1-949-364-0884 if not there please leave a message (sorry about the spelling ;) )!

-- dopydork (dopy, July 23, 2003.

i have a 3.5 hp edger motor and a mini bike frame do any of u know about how fast it will go after i put a k&n filter on and take off the gov

-- hens (, July 23, 2003.

it will probably go 50 mph

-- philip (, July 28, 2003.

I have a Briggs and Stratton 5hp 206cc, it has oversized piston in it, its just had a rebuilt on it runs great but still doesnt have enough power, i was thinking on putting a smog pump on it using it as a supercharger. Will that work? If someone has done this please e- mail me on your results thanks

-- Harry Colon (, August 03, 2003.

i have a 10horse power engine from a lawn edger on a bicycle and it goes about 120 miles per hour and i aint got any brake you really need brakes i use my old shoes!!

-- jose !!!! (, August 04, 2003.

i have been trying to research building a cart for a long time and have came up with some good info. for those of you who have a vertical shaft engine, go to ebay and get a transaxle from an old lawnmower. like a spicer or peerless. heres a link to one of the many... ViewItem&item=2338995537&category=20544

also, to find your top speed:

rpm of axle = engines rpm/gear ratio (ie 6:1 would be 6) 600 = 3600rpm/6

distance=rpm axle * circumference of tire (ie 10inches*3.14=31.4) 18840inches= 600*31.4inches

miles per hour=distance/1056 17.84mph=18840inches/1056

please feel free to ask any questions -Ryan

-- Ryan (, August 09, 2003.

I have an old Masey Ferguseon MF7 lawn mower. It is supposed to have a horizontal shaft 7 horse. I have a motor like that so I will make it fit. I was planing on putting 12 tooth sprockets on the motor and rearend for a number 35 chain-the standard go kart chain in America. Will that chain be strong enough? I think that should get me up to 35 or so, if not i will get a bigger sprocket for the motor. It has no brakes LOL and i'm not sure what to do for tires. I don't think it will steer good at 35 and i dont know how the back ones will handle that speed, they aren't very big. Thanks!

-- Mike Loerzel (, August 09, 2003.

hi ever since jyw and mg came out i've wanted a go cart. i have a 3.5 hp B&S on a push lawnmower and im thinking of buying a rear mounted engine riding lawnmower. i was thinking of maybe useing the frame of the ride on and lower it(it has small tires all ready)and put the essencials back on the frame. or have a four wheel drive system if possible. i want it for pavement and turf use. another option is pvc pipe frame. but i would still buy the ride on becuz i would use the axel, steering, wheels, transmission. what's the best way to do this type of project. money is a problem and i want it done buy winter or by next winter. i like speed but 35 is fine for me thanx.

-- Scott Vincent (, August 10, 2003.

you could use a robin 6h.p. engine and with that you can get around 30 to 40 mph and it has alot of torche or power

-- hotrod (, August 12, 2003.

well i still think i need a better answer for my question on how i should build it, like i need a frame, steering, transmision/clutch, wheels/tires, brakes, and all the connections to make it work. i want it to last, and i would like for it to be able to do burn outs, like by locking the front wheels. it would be good to do this under $150 canadian. well i need answers cuz the summers almost over and i would like to start something.

-- Scott Vincent (, August 14, 2003.

My MF7 is coming along okay so far. What do you think I should use for a motor? I wonder if 7 horses will be enough.

-- Mike Loerzel (, September 02, 2003.

hello all... i have given up on the go cart and i thought of making like a chopper mini bike from a bicyle and a 3.5 hp motor and i thought of making like a jesse james style chopper but this wouldn't have any wheel covers or a gas tank. and it's like cool but i have every thing figured out except if i should like put two wheels to getheher to make a wider tire or justone... no these are just bicycle tires so yeah, and how do i go about making a clutch cuz this is just a fun thing and i don't want to spend alot of money. so yeha

-- Scott Vincent (, September 09, 2003.

If your not looking to pay to much and only have a 3.5 horse motor putting a transmission on it is pretty much impossible. Just put a go kart clutch on it. Thats the only way I can see doing it.

-- Mike Loerzel (, September 12, 2003.

Change of plans on the MF7! I got a big old one lunger sled motor in it. Got it all figured out and it should work fine, foot throttle breaks and clutch. 3 speed tranny, i think it should really move. If not i got a spare 440 sled motor on my work bench lol Thanks for the space and all the help!

-- Mike Loerzel (, September 16, 2003.

well junk man i as well am building a go kart and happen to have an idea for the motor. i'm using a single cylinder 250cc snowmobile engine that puts out approx. 16 hp.i'm also using the clutches/steering and brakes from the same sled that i got the motor.i also have a spare 12 hp engine in the shed for back up. or maybe another kart.

-- Geoffrey Fitzpatrick (, September 25, 2003.

you should forget about that go-kart shit and just buy a 4x4 truck you jackasses

-- Robert B. Jennings the 5th (, October 14, 2003.

hey music man you cant build any thing without comming up with some fundage your gona need at least 200 dollars unless you have lots of minibike parts alreadey ive made a mini chopper out of a 26 in schwinn a 2hp b&s you goda modify the frame buy a clutch rear wheel asembly and other shit but if you cant cough up some money you cant make it work

-- eusebio miguel jamie gonzalez (, October 15, 2003.

This isnt an answer, but i was wondering on how to make a frame for a go-kart. I dont really know how to make the frame or put the motor on it. May someone PLEASE e-mail me plans on how to do this.


-- Brandon J. Hakeneis (, October 17, 2003.

I have an old 440cc JohnDeer Trail Fire snowmobile engine. I plan to put the gears and most everything from the snowmobile. I am going to build it nice with 8 in. plexy glass windshield and rear window. My dad has a welder set and I want to know what's a good size for a go kart single seat. I never ever want a 2 seater. I got in a go kart accident and almost cut my thumb off before. My neighbor has a 6.5 hp two seater go cart with nice shocks. My little brother was driving and I was passanger of course any way we were jumping it(my dad had just tightened the shocks to full because he new we were jumping it) we landed and the go cart bounced it was awasome it bounced about a foot off the ground. My neighbor was in the passanger place my brother still driving and they jumped the were a good 2 ft. off the ground I swear. There is a hill by my house so we took it down the hill just flying we tried spinning it around it was going good we were sliding nice on the gravel when we his grass the damn go kart rolled over god knows how many time when we finally stapped I couldn't get my hand out from under it. All in all I got 17 stitches in my thumb. Don't e-mail me just reply here the e-mail is fake.

-- John Doe (, October 21, 2003.

that is so kool

-- phil (, October 21, 2003.

well i saw this fourm when i went type in supercharged gokart even tho ive been posting bunch of things on this server just different fourm , even tho this has nothing to do with how junk yard wars inspired me (its a cool show and all) but check this out the pictures speak for them selfs, this engine is something ive been researching and so far no one eles on the net has done it (probley some red neck hill billy in his barn probley did what i did but i doubt that to ) anyways its a 8 hourse power go kart engine that i tweaked and well i was tweaking at the time when i was tweaking with the engine so with a lot of tweaking this is what i came up (its a long one so hear it gose)...

A Fully Functional Computer Controlled Fuel Injected (and last but not least) Turbocharged 8 houser power engine that probley weighs to much to even go anywhere besides the 12 volts @ 3 amps it needs to even pump the fuel and other compoents heh..

Let me know what u guys think am i just crazy or next bill gates...


hears the link to my pictures

-- Sean C (, October 23, 2003.

Hey you w/ the Trailfire motor, I know how to bolt a sled motor in anything!! I love sleds, is that motor a Kawasaki? U got a VM 36 on it?

-- Mike Loerzel (, October 27, 2003.

Idiots! Stop sitting on your asses wondering how to do something. Go build!! Now!

-- Mac (, October 31, 2003.

I have built a gokart with a 240HP 55000RPM gas turbine producing over 200lbs of thrust. We've had this baby up to 120MPH but ran out of space to give it some more accellerator

-- Junker (, December 01, 2003.

Hey recently i was going to buy a mini chopper motorcycle online for about 450. It has a 43cc engine which i think is supposed to go about 30 miles per hour, i dont like that. I wanted it to at least go 40. Do u know what i can do so that when i buy it i can make it go faster. Do u thiunk i should buy it or should i get something else, i dont think i want a go cart, something similar to this. Should i build somthing from scratch. And in many peoples messages. it said that they went to the local junk yard and found chainsaw motors etc., if i found somthing like that i would definatley make a go cart but where can i find a junk yard. I live in Long Island of New York so i dont know where i would go. Do they allow you to seach through there looking for old things or do people some how sneak in.

Ryan Nicolosi

Here is the website where i am going to get the Mini Chopper.

-- Ryan Nick (, January 02, 2004.

hey ryan nick... dunt buy that mini- chopper. It is a watse of money and im sure you would be dissapointed with the results. It would be cheaper to build your own and use something like a 5hp horizontal shaft engine to power it. You can find a good used 5hp engine for about 150 and if you use a centrifugal clutch that only cost 30. Chain would cost about 10, throttle control 10, and a frame can be bought locally, or built. i would not recommend ordering offline. if you need ideas for your frame email me. I have built 2 minibikes working on a third which will be a chopper, and working on a hovercraft. The first minibike i built uses a 3.5 tecumseh and will go about 30.

-- engineman (, February 07, 2004.

dont buy the chopper hes is so very right they are extremely hard to find parts for them if and when they break down

-- (, February 11, 2004.

i'm building a 10hp mini truck its 90' long and three feet wige its going to have 15' wheels and have light but the only thing i dont under stand is how the charging coil and torquconverter go on and work so if u have and suggestions or possibaly some parts for sale or maby you would like my complete drawings for two different kits you can email me at or .

-- tom c (, February 15, 2004.

Hey i want to build a go kart out of a reinforcered bag rak (reinforced with iron fittings) i was wondering would be a best motor adn type of motor to get speeds of about 40km/h / 25mph

any ideas please email me thx:)


-- Josh (, March 22, 2004.

I used a Johndeer 440 water cooled in My offroad gocart. At 60 mph the cart is still fishtailing. It`s a bast,butt I have low end. Gears are the way to go.

-- Ron Bean (, May 10, 2004.

The 440 is fun but I just picked up a Huricane 1000 ( Honda ) Thats what is going in my old frame. The speedometer goes to 185 mph ( we shall see )

-- Ron Bean (, June 07, 2004.

I have a 3hp Briggs and stratten on a three-wheel go-cart thea i built my self. I am only 14 years old so i had to use stuff I hade laying around. It startedout as a down hill cart. the front was off a bike and i welded it to a frame mate out off one inch square tube all welded to gether by just me. in the back was two 12 inch scotter wheels. i then got a go-cart motor fron a flea market at the fair. i used one-wheel drive. i left the right wheel alone while i used 2 bronze sleeve bearings which work OK. iused a belt drive because i hate chains. the cluch was a pulley that would ajusting the tension on the belt with a hand lever. the motor runs like a champ. in the country, it ran about 40 MPH! Remember that was with a 3 HP motor. now in has a real cluch and the wheelthat was on the back is now on the front because i hit a stop sign and it mangled my wheel. i also hah to move the brakes down. in the back are wider 10 inch tires.

-- Gage Edwards (, September 03, 2004.

I have a 3 HP Briggs and Stratton on a three-wheel go-cart that i built my self. I am only 14 years old so i had to use stuff I hade lying around. It started out as a down hill cart. The front was off a bike and i welded it to a frame mate out off one inch square tube all welded together by just me. In the back were two 12-inch scooter wheels. I then got a go-cart motor from a flea market at the fair. I used one-wheel drive. I left the right wheel alone while i used 2 bronze sleeve bearings, which work OK. I used a belt drive because i hate chains. The clutch was a pulley that would adjust the tension on the belt with a hand lever. The motor runs like a champ. In the country, it ran about 40 MPH! Remember that was with a 3 HP motor. Now in has a real clutch and the wheel that was on the back is now on the front because i hit a stop sign and it mangled my wheel. I also hah to move the brakes down. In the back are wider 10-inch tires.

-- Gage Edwards (, September 03, 2004.

I am making a go cart with the chainsaw engine. The problem is I don't know how to make the gears. I would like to be able to start it on neutral then accelerate.

-- John (, September 06, 2004.

I was wondering if I could hook up 2 carbs to my 3hp B&S motor with out blowing it up? please help!!! email me at

-- Gage Edwards (, September 16, 2004.

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