Leave of Absence

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Gentlemen: It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of my decision to withdraw from Warbirds. As of today I have terminated my account and I also realize that this may jeopardize my status as a squad mate.Alas, so go the fortunes of war. I have been as of late flying in Aces High.I enjoy Hitech's version of online flight sim much more than WB's at this point.(I hardly get booted at all).Perhaps someday I will return to WB's.(I'll check out WBIII,if it ever gets on line). Gents, I have enjoyed my time as an Arrow. No finer group is there to fly with.See you in the sky.

BTW..my handle in AH is Gerbear1 and my offer of a few months ago stands...if you're ever in my neck of the woods..New Brunswick ,Canada, a tour of the countryside is on me...if you can lower yourselves to the mighty cessna 172. It aint no spit, but then ,aint no one trying to shoot me down either

Cheers Gents

Gerry...aka Flaps

-- Gerry Snodgrass...aka flaps (mgc@nbnet.nb.ca), January 18, 2001

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