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Suggestion: Carosel

Object: grab rings like the old carosels did.

Challange: construction and speed will definately impact the ease of the object.

-- Catherine E. Holman (, January 18, 2001



-- Puzzled (, January 19, 2001.

It's a carnival ride! Great idea. Maybe build a roller coaster???

-- Ralph (, January 19, 2001.

I don't know if such ideas are feasible:

Carousel: How would one quantify a winner? The machine built must be run in a contest against the other team's with a measurable result/ difference in performance. Not sure if you can do that with a Merry- go-around.

It would take more than 10 hours to build a roller coaster track and cars, even a modest one (like the portable ones one sees at traveling carnivals). And even then, it would have to be extensively tested for safety-- Couldn't have any team members flying out of a car and suffering lethal injuries!


-- Thomas (, January 19, 2001.

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