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Hi there Konica users,

This may or may not be new information for some of you, but I wanted to share it.

Today, I made a "discovery" that may help Konica users that are unaware of the NEW flashes you can get for your Konica FT-1. I haven't tried it yet on my T3 or T4, (will soon).

Anyways, I didn't have a flash for my Konica, so like most people I went looking for one of those X-(number) ones by Konica. I have a Dedicated Nikon flash for my Nikon AF system and just got new batteries for it, and it has 3 prongs on it (so the AF-D can understand how far to flash it), and I noticed the Konica FT-1 has 2 connectors to accept a flash. So I tried to mount it anyways and it WORKS!! Even in Continual shooting mode! (used it on 1/60).

So, I KNOW these NEW flashes work:

Phoenix ZIF105N flash. Has infra-red aiming, Bounce, TTL and Swivel head, useable on lenses upto 28mm.

GREAT news eh? Now I have a FLASH for my Konica system!

Here is their link:

BTW: It is called the ZIF106N now and is avaibile with LED's :)


-- Anonymous, January 18, 2001


Flash Function


The 2 additional connectors on the X-series Konica flashes allow the flash (to a limited extent) to control the camera. This means that the shutter will set to 1/60 (or whatever)and the aperture to 5.6 or 11. Also, the flash status shows in the viewfinder.

Does the Nikon flash do this, or merely flash (with you doing the settings?


-- Anonymous, January 18, 2001

Seems to work fine. Here are the steps. You tell me.

Well, let me explain the best I can in detail what is occuring with the Dedicated Nikon Flash:

1. I am using an FT-1 and a Phoenix ZIF105N flash. 2. I charge the flash up and turn the camera on. 3. When I 1/2 depress the shutter release button it gives me a reading of f5.6 (never anything more or less) 4. I can change the shutter speed dial to anything I want, but it takes a picture at the same shutter speed reguardless.

The flash will fire when I depress the shutter release button in single picture mode, or in continous picture mode.

Seems to work fine.


-- Anonymous, January 18, 2001

Amazing Flashes


Sure sounds like it's operating in the f5.6 mode. Does the LED flash (to indicate flash is ready)? Have you shot a test roll, yet. If the full frame is exposed, the shutter speed is probably OK. (1/100).

Are the contacts on the flash shoe spaced the same as the Konica ones?


-- Anonymous, January 18, 2001

Exciting isn't it?

Well, I sure didn't make this much of a dent in matters when I was only using Nikon in the Nikon groups.. haha. Feels good to in the Konica group though. haha.

Ok, you seem really excited, I'll take that as a good thing :)

Well, the f5.6 light does flash and when I take a photo the flash does indeed go. Have not yet shot a test roll yet, I will tomorrow. Everything seems to go just fine.

The contacts are not the same as on the FT-1. The FT-1 has 3 contacts while the flash has 4. I think the 4th one is for Nikon AF-D though (AF-D is Distance) so since the FT-1 doesn't have a CPU in it to calculate distance (like my Nikon F50 does) I don't think it matters or affects anything.


-- Anonymous, January 19, 2001

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