What about an UltraLight Airplane

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How about the teams building an ultralight airplane and then have them race around a course only a few feet off the ground with airbags covering the whole course so they won't get injured if something happens. Also I think it would be real cool if they would post the plans to the projects they build on this site. Of course stating that the show will not be held responsible for any injury. :)

-- Ernie (ecr983@msn.com), January 18, 2001


they already built gliders.

-- Richard Manahan (rjcyclesk8@hotmail.com), January 18, 2001.

But not motorized planes.

-- Stephen A. Binion (Stephenbinion@hotmail.com), January 18, 2001.

Two problems with this challenge:

1) Both shows have already had to deal with massive safety and insurance problems in coordinating the artillery challenges. I wouldn't want to make bets on any insurance firm underwriting an ultralight plane contest.

2) The planes would have to pass an EAA examination before being cleared to fly, and the inspectors are notoriously rigid in applying their standards; understandable given the safety considerations. But without that EAA sticker, the planes would be grounded.

-- Patrick Degan (pcd001@my-freenet.com), January 19, 2001.

I'm not so sure they would be grounded by the EAA. I have an ultralight. Ultralights are considered an RV-- Recreational Vehicle, as long as they are 254 lbs. or less, as stated by FAR 103. Over that, the EAA regs would apply. Besides, without furnishing nearly all of the supplies, such as tubing and fabric, you couldn't find the right materials to safely do the job. I wouldn't dare sit my back side down in something airborne that was thrown together in 10 hours anyway.

-- Kimberly Panos (krpanos@qwest.net), January 20, 2001.

Maybe not a traditional ultralight, but how about a powered kite?

Remember, the first hang glider of the "modern era" was made of corrugated cardboard and saran wrap.

-- Rick Alexander (r_w_alexander@yahoo.com), January 23, 2001.

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