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I'd like to suggest an annual event that would take weeks to complete. How about a Junkyard Race from London to Venice. Starting in a London junkyard each team must build a human powered vehicle that can be propelled by that Team, from London to Venice. The course will take them From the London junkyard, over the English Channel, across France and Italy.

Having daily and-or weekly coverage like the Tour De France.

There are many interesting routes to consider. For example: Once you cross the English Channel you can cross France any number of ways. On trails, backroads or off road (if you want) and-or using the extensive canal system. Either in the canals and rivers or on the trails that follow along side each canal. Very beautiful, interesting and quaint. Great TV ops. If the people in France see this as another human endurance event with tactics and drama like the Tour De France . . . It will be a big hit. People will come out in their villages to see the racers pass through. Cheer on their favorites, etc. Italy has the same fondness for this kind of thing. The Junkyard Giro will get the public interested in at least being around when the racers pass through.

The teams: 1. The teams must be 3 people. 2. Both sexes should be represented on each team. 3. Only the team members that are to propel the vehicle will be allowed to build this vehicle. 4. The start will be in the junkyard. Every team starts building their vehicle at the same time. Any team can leave the junkyard when they think they are ready. 5. To finish, you must cross the finish line at the proscribed location in Venice, Italy. (on the Grand Canal) with the same vehicle you started with. Modifications and repairs withstanding.

There are an unlimited number of obstacles and situations that will have to be solved every day along the way. Breakdowns and repairs will cause shifts in overall position. Human error, weather, physical conditioning, natural disasters. The human element alone will bring about the drama and excitement we enjoy (though on a smaller level) in Junkyard Wars.

-- Will Ashford (willnot@aol.com), January 18, 2001


YES! YES!!! YES!!!!! We want to do this! We peddled from Ferndale California to St. Augestine Florida on a human powered, all-terrain, amphibious, artistically humorous vehicle called a Kinetic Sculpture. It weighed an average of 2,160 lbs, top weight was 2,446 lbs. We peddled it over the Rockies, it took 28 months to travel the 4,012 miles. We stopped and worked along the way, 17 1/2 months of peddling. If this competition happens or something like it, our hands are up!!!!

June & Ken

-- June Moxon, Ken Beidleman / Art Attack (june-ken@humboldt1.com), January 19, 2001.

That's a great idea, but would be expensive to film. The race could be even more exciting if the teams had to stop at designated junkyards and build new machines along the way for each leg of the journey. For some parts of the trip, motorized vehicles or boats, and the rest human powered would add variety and challenge. It would be a true cross country "Tri-Junkathon!" If it is going to be a long race, perhaps America would be the best place, so that languages would not be a problem for viewers or contestants. Another twist would be to have several teams, with each new (tag) team stationed at a junkyard at the end of a leg of the race, like a relay race, with one team beginning building in the yard at the end of a leg when the previous team leaves the previous yard, and leaving when the first team (from their group) reaches that yard. That way, maybe no one would die from exhaustion, and the racing and building would be going on all at the same time. I would like to go if the "Bad Catering" people are going to be there.

-- Waddy Thompson (cthomp3851@aol.com), January 19, 2001.

Count me in. Human or machine power (or a mix - make it a mileage marathon, with human assist allowed.)

-- Jeff - The NERDS (dp@the-nerds.org), January 21, 2001.

Good Idea! Put a water challenge in there and I,m in

-- jason (maloneyjason@earthlink.net), January 22, 2001.

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