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It seems that the show has been HEEHAWED (who is that clown!) The essential appeal of the show was its ethnicity!Bring on the Aussies,Canucks ,Kiwis etc .

-- Michael Alan Cane (, January 18, 2001


Michael Alan Cane> There are now 2 completely different shows. One is called Scrapheap Challenge and is presented by Robert and Cathy and is made for Channel 4 in the UK. When its first 3 seasons were broadcast in the US this show was shown under the title "Junkyard Wars". The second new show is called Junkyard Wars which is presented by George and Cathy and made for TLC in the US. This is the one featuring an American presenter and teams.

Scrapheap Challenge will be returning for its 4th series later in the year presumably to be rapidly followed by season 2 of Junkyard Wars as has happened with Scrapheap season 3 and Junkyard season 1 this time around. Presumably both shows will again confusingly be shown under the title "Junkyard Wars" in the US.

As highlighted above the confusion has arisen because seasons 1-3 of Scrapheap Challenge were shown in the US under the title "Junkyard Wars which is exactly the same name as the new American show. The only way I presume you can tell which one you are watching in the US is that if it has an American presenter it is Junkyard Wars and if it has Robert it is Scrapheap Challenge.

So to answer your question- the next season of the show you are currently watching will still be American and the next season of the show that you watched before this will still be British. I presume you will get to see both.

Hope that helps.

-- dave stevens (, January 18, 2001.

I agree. What made the show interesting was the british nature of it. Having surfer dudes roaming around a piles of american garbage trying to act witty isn't nearly as entertaining as a brit plucking parts from an ex-london cab and then sipping some tea.

Just my $.02


-- Brian Sponcil (, January 19, 2001.

Yea, There will be the english version, and there will be english commercials, and you can drink your english tea, while petting your english dog, while eating english scones, talking about the Queen and Tony Blair and Phil Collins Oh it will be so much fun. Bodge, Bodge, Bodge, oh I love that word, say no more, wink wink nudge nudge.....blah blah...

-- frank (, January 19, 2001.

A return to the Brits would be's a shame that TLC doesn't seem to share that CANNOT just transplant a show, no matter how great it is, and expect it to be the same show - it's foolish and naive to think otherwise. I will still watch JYW every week, but I will watch my tapes of the C4 version with MUCH more interest and enjoyment!!

Just a thought,

- Andy Saito

-- Andy Saito (, January 20, 2001.


Both shows are great! At the moment here in the UK we're getting Junkyard Wars for the 1st time, and I still love it! Who cares if the contestants are English or American - they're all people with mad mechanic skillz and a love of what they're doing.

Its just as fun as Scrapheap Challenge! Granted George takes some getting used to after Robert's english eccentricity (love the suit Rob), but he brings unbounded enthusiasm to it and keeps the energy level up throughout.

I would like to see more ethnicity though, as I did with Scrapheap Challenge, it brings out an extra dimension as nationalities seem to be doing things differently from each other.

S'a good laff though innit?

-- Rich Wild (, January 23, 2001.

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