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You guys should be ashamed of yourselves,destroying good cars. On the show that you had to build a dune buggy, I almost cried when you chpped the Volkswagen bug appart. I live in northwestern PA, and was shocked to see the bottom of that bug. That car looked brand new on the bottom, almost all of the cars up here are Flinstone cars. Floorpan replacement is a big job. I don't care if you rip apart a wrecked car, or get loose parts, but please dont tear apart running machines. The show is great, and it would be cool to have some of the machines to use at home. Many competitions were won when the better machine broke. Thanks.

-- Kenny Hoovler (, January 18, 2001


I think these were mexican Bugs. Those are still in production. I cry when I see these pristine series Land rovers cut to pieces.

-- Stephen A. Binion (, January 18, 2001.

I agree that it's almost a crime to rip apart what looks like a perfectly good vehicle or machine. It almost makes it look like the show is supplying not only specialised parts without which a particular challenge would be impossible (the steam engines for the steam-powered car challenge, for example) but whole sources of parts for convenient pillage. On the British show, you can see that the machines are being built almost totally out of junk.

BTW, the Mexican Beetle will be finally going *out* of production this July. The story broke in the December 2000 issue of VW Trends.

-- Patrick Degan (, January 19, 2001.

Is the mexican beetle of good quality and worthy of customization? Is it very easy to repair and modify?

-- Richard Manahan (, January 19, 2001.

I say they should throw some of those new VW bugs into the junkyard and leave the classic ones alone!!!

-- Duane Flatmo (, January 19, 2001.

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