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I've been getting "Server too busy" messages a few times today when I've checked this board. When It does work, it seems to be very slow responding.

Is JYW responsible for overloading the server, or something else running on I expect for every poster there are 100 lurkers or more.

Could it be taken as an indication of the real popularity of the show?

Jeff, do you have the answers?

-- Michael (Canadian P.Eng.) (, January 18, 2001


I'm not jeff, but I've hung around the greenspun boards before. It's not a very big system, and serious activity is going to give it trouble.

In late 1999 greenspun was the home of the most violently toxic Y2K "discussion" forum around (hosted by professional know-it-all Ed Yourdon). In the last few days of the year, and afterwards when lots of us sane people came by to make fun of the doomsayers, the board was half-crashed much of the time.

Check out the top level of LUSENET; there's a ton of topics here, and any one of them could be peaking out the server. PV

-- pv (, January 18, 2001.

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