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JYW supplies the tracks, the 'junkies' build the train. ....or maybe a roller coaster, or maybe a cyclotron, or maybe an electric car, or maybe a snowmobile, or maybe an alternate-fule-mobile. They might have done some of this, since I did miss a few episodes.

-- Cynthia Browning (, January 18, 2001


Yep, none of these ideas have been tried (unless one counts the steam-powered cars alternative fuel mobiles!) :-)

The train is definitely doable as long as they stick to small gauge (standard 4'8.25" gauge is just to cumbersome since one needs to build airbrake systems in addition to the power plant if the loco is to haul any standard-gauge cars, and use real heavy duty equipment).

Roller coaster cars have to be built exactly to run on a particular set of tracks, so the lack of variation possible in design would disqualify this idea. (I hope you are not suggesting that the teams build the track and cars in 10 hours!)

Cyclotron... I'm not sure if this is visually exciting enough for the audience. Unlike things like hovercrafts, wheeled vehicles, etc., the cyclotron just... sits there.

Electric car would be cool. I don't think I've seen one on JYW (I could be wrong).

Snowmobile... Maybe when they start filming JYW in California and they can just go up into the Rockies or Sierras where there is snow so the competition can be run.


-- Thomas (, January 18, 2001.

I just recently discovered JYW and I love it! I thought about the train idea as well. Build anything larger than 24" gauge and you'd run into problems. Have the teams build a locomotive that must haul 2 dumping cars 1/4 mile and dump them (or similar idea) as well as reverse. Small wheels from track gang cars could be used, as well as other objects. The variation for a locomotive is excellent because one can build a gas engine, steam engine, electric engine, gas electric or diesel electric(VW engine :))

This is something that could work, and I'd like to see a group build a working steam locomotive...

Regards, Dan MacKellar

-- Dan MacKellar (, January 18, 2001.

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