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Have the teams build steam locomotives that must pull a caboose one mile on standard guage tracks.

-- Louis Eugene Novak (, January 18, 2001


Probably not feasible because:

To do it on standard gauge you would need to seed the junkyard with real HEAVY DUTY stuff like couplers and drawbars (and these are HEAVY!), standard gauge railroad wheels and axles and sideframes with a fully-functioning airbrake system that can work with a caboose's own airbrakes-- Absolutely NECESSARY for safety! (no way you can build all these from scratch in 10 hours)

However, small gauge would be very feasible, say 1.5-foot gauge or so so things don't have to be so heavy duty. With small gauge, the show can build its own test track as well.


-- Thomas (, January 18, 2001.

Road trains like in Australia. triple trailers weighing in as 120,000lbs or so. Funtioning arbrakes on trailers with airbrake controls for tractor given to teams. Chalenge would be for team to gear down the car engines. (multiple transmisions in low gear) This could be intresting. Stuff would defintly fail in spectacular fashion.

-- Stephen A. Binion (, January 18, 2001.

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