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Build a device to climb a 25' flag pole and ring a bell at the top.

-- Michael Ross (, January 18, 2001


This could work depending on the wind. Just make a two half circles to surround the pipe and then hook the circles to a helium ballon to reach top then have a spring loaded mechanism attached to rope or fishing line or something to grab object release balloon and let drop or release slowly if object is fragile. If no helium is available use hot air. Another way is to attact a kite and then let the object come down a rope on a pulley. My last idea would be to make a water or air pressure type of rocket encased over the pole then let of the water or air pressure valve to let down. Impossible no way all these ideas would work.

-- steven montoya (, January 18, 2001.

I was thinking of something more mechanical. You could use wheels like on roller blades. Two rows of wheels in a vertically rolling orientation and 3 or 4 wheels in a helical fashion mounted in a powered rotating ring to thread it's way up the pole.

Another way is to use pair of rubber lined racheting ring-shaped grips around the pole. The rachet action would come from the grip and slip just by the angle of force that was applied between the top and bottom grips.

Both of these units could be powered by compressed air or small engines.

-- Kimberly Panos (, January 20, 2001.

Additional factor for the chaallenge. The device must at least once while climbing. This will eliminate rocket power or helium, etc. Must be powered by fuel or electricity.

-- Michael Ross (, January 26, 2001.

I know how to climb any flag pole with two ropes and it is fast and easy too.. If you need more info call me at:1914-7883858

-- jerry baley (, May 20, 2004.

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