What do you win??

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with all the hard work you put into that 10 hour day...what is your reward for winning that challenge? also what is your reward for winning the entire competition (finals)?

just curious..

-- Benjamin Beaugh (bizzo@mindless.com), January 18, 2001


Wild guess: Four-times the fame of the 15-minutes that most people enjoy in their tiny lives. LOL... If I had welding experience, I'd be in there like a maggot on a carcass. Welding is the key.



-- Charles Austin (Veiocity@aol.com), January 18, 2001.

Well Ben, What ya win is that strange hunk of metal they welded together. They call it a Trophy. LOL But ya do get all your expenses paid . Its all for your 15 mins. of fame. The Art Attacks I hear are going to be in Time Mag. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's something to brag about . I myself I'm sending in my application. I've been welding for 32 years & I'm only 44 years old LOL! I been a mechanic of Shipfitter most all my live . But I do Just about everything as I have been a Stock car racer for about 20 years. I built all my own racing engines, did all the body work & paint, straightened my race car frame with a tree & my truck when it got bent,LOL, built the roll cage. I did this not only for me but to support my racing I did it for others. I have built more then 100 race cars. As well as a bunch of other strange stuff. From a 350ft ship to a 7ft high sculpture of a man made out of mufflers & exhaust pipes. I own a Contracting Business now, I do Kitchen & bath remodeling build custom cabinets. I'm a master with a torch. I can cut tinfoil off a 6" hunk of steel. I hope to get on the show this spring with a couple racing buddies , actually ones a racing buddy the other is a racing buddies wife. LOL She has all the brains of the family. We were all members of The (Figure Eight Auto Racers) or F.E.A.R. as we knew it . So now we need a Team name ? Got any Ideas???? Only thing I could think of was (Men of FEAR) ,but we are not all men. Send me your sugg. for a team name here or E-mail me. TNX Rick P.S. I'm also a Western & Wildlife Artist if you'd like to check out my site click here ;Western & Wildlife Artist Rick Lawrence

-- Rick Lawrence (hoodoo2@povn.com), January 18, 2001.

Howabout F.E.A.R. Inc., or 'FEAR Incorporated', kinda gives a gangster/Goodfellas kind of charm and double entendre heheh

-- Ryan Gavigan (gavigan@soyokaze.biosci.ohio-state.edu), January 18, 2001.

How about "F.E.A.R. this"

-- Roger Bridges (rbridges@affinity-chicago.com), January 21, 2001.

To answer the first question; You win the best vacation of your life, provided you love to tinker with junk and build fun things with it. There are no cash prizes, but you get paid enough to make sure that you eat well, and have a little to enjoy in your small amount of free time. You also win a lifetime of great memories and meet some very intresting new friends. It's too bad there are not more television programs which do so much to engage the imagination of the audience. Waddy, "Wreckspert" for the "Rusty J's"

-- Waddy Thompson (cthomp3851@aol.com), January 21, 2001.

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