A New Year's Resolution?

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I must say that I have observed and accurately predicted the outcome of EVERY JYW so far. My specialty is recognizing engineering WEAKNESS in an otherwise strong design---the ability to spot the "weak link" in the chain.

I understand that these various teams are (or may be) hindered by the provided experts and conflicts of ego. Some of the most sophiticated designs---under the tutelage of single-minded "experts"---go disasterously awry. The most complex designs generally LOSE the war.

I am outspoken on these JYW failings (as my wife will readily attest). She always poses to me: "Could YOU do it any better?" And I have to admit, honestly, that I couldn't even ATTEMPT the challenges, because I have no background in welding.

It's obvious that JYW is STRONG on welding. If you don't know welding, you may as well abandon the effort. All the armchair quarterbacking and educated critique mean NOTHING if you can't link pieces of metal to create an armature.

So, let this be my New Year's Resolution for 2001... At the age of 41 years, I WILL sign up for a course in WELDING. I will LEARN how to pull a bead and how NOT to burn a hole in an air compressor. So it is written, so it shall be done! }=]

C. Austin


-- Charles Austin (Veiocity@aol.com), January 18, 2001

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