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how about a challenge to build a machine (i don't know the name, although it exists already) that is basically a cart with a fan strapped on the back and a parachute atached to it. the challenge would be to hit targets on the ground.

-- Randy Dizitser (, January 18, 2001


Ah, that would be the Turbo-Prop Dog-Cart Bomber. This concept was implemented in 1923 in Ferribolt, England, by a Norwegian inventor named Nordstram Strumm. The concept was to strap a fan on the back of a willing victim, propel that victim to a speed of 125 KPH, then turn away and hide face as the victim (pilot) met whatever fate such victims meet. This experiment was superceded in 1957, when Gary Douglas travelled beyond 125 KPH with a propellor strapped to his back, and slammed into a tree. He was reported as "smiling a whimsical little smile" at his autopsy.

C. Austin


-- Charles Austin (, January 18, 2001.

You are thinking of a paraplane. It would be easy to build as long as you had a parachute and prop. Without either of those items very well made death is likely.

-- jason (, January 22, 2001.

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