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Watching the two episodes this evening, I found the "G-man" a little more agreeable than in his first hosting efforts. And, although I'm a native Texan (rooting for the Scrap Daddies), I was still glad to see the best engineering configuration win in the Hovercraft contest. Belated congratulations to the Long Brothers.

Strangely, JYW is one TV program that both I AND my WIFE enjoy watching together. She's a technical writer, and I'm a good-for-nothing dreamer and shadetree mechanic; so, JYW provides something for BOTH of us---technical musings and good old-fashioned engineering humbuggery combined to produce an entertaining format.

Anyway, as I was pestering my wife with my armchair quarterbacking tonight, she asked me a surprising question: "How would the GREAT minds of science tackle these engineering problems, given a junkyard and 10 hours of C&D (Concept & Development)?" It was a great question. How would, for example, Albert Einstein, Charles Steinmetz and Nikola Tesla attack these JYW challenges? LOL...

I think it would be a SCREAMING HOOT to see a team of established rocket scientists, mathemeticians and electrical/hydraulic wizards go after these seemingly "simple" challenges with a 10-hour deadline. A team of GENIUS, assisted by one expert in welding, let's say.

The results would be HUGELY entertaining. }=]

C. Austin Ve

-- Charles Austin (, January 18, 2001

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