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India tests long-range ballistic missile

SPECIAL TO WORLD TRIBUNE.COM Thursday, January 18, 2001

NEW DELHI India has successfully test-fired a long-range missile with nuclear capability.

Defense Ministry officials said Wednesday that the test-firing of the Agni II ballistic missile off India's eastern coast was successful.

In an official statement, the ministry said the missile, with a range of about 2,200 kilometers and with the capability to carry a one-ton nuclear warhead, was tested for the first time in "operational configuration."

"The second test flight of Agni II, surface-to-surface missile was conducted today at 10 a.m. from the interim test range, Chandipur," the statement said.

This was the second test of the Agni II missile which is the upgraded version of the intermediate-range Agni ballistic missile. The first test-firing was held in April 1999.

Several days later, Pakistan tested its medium-range Ghauri II missile. With a range of over 2,000 kilometers, the Agni II has the capability to strike targets inside Pakistan as well as China.

Thursday, January 18, 2001

-- Martin Thompson (, January 18, 2001


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