What about a high school Canadian compition for snow equipment? to complicated?

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I really have noticed alot of msgs on here about snow machines and 17 years old like myself which will be 18 soon in season 6, I am just coping this msg over fomr a responce casue I know it may be missed :)

((I like these ideas being canadian also :) I think it would be so cool to hold the next junk yard wars in ontario canada, I know there alot of scrap metal around and plenty of fields and I know ski hill owners that would love to let people compete attepting to climb on of the hill on a scarp machine.

interesting idea's, there are also many open fields here for a large racing track for snowmobiles, or a large lake that freezes over nicly for puddle jumping.

I hope there maybe a season 6 in Canada, that would be cool eh jack :-)

someone email me form the show if possible and I can help set everything up I am stocked... have a good season 5 ))

(btw: kaniesha is the family dog so its the family e-mail :P )

-- Russell Todd (kaniesha@csolve.net), January 17, 2001

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