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1) You could build a backhoe. Have an object buried deep enough, the teams have to dig it up, and get it out of the hole first.

2) Plow a field. It sounds simple, but it's difficult. See who can plow the longest, best...

3) Build a snow making machine, the kind used on ski slopes.

4) Build a boat that's fast enough to pull a water skier, up and out of the water.

5) Build a fire engine capable of putting out a fire in a bush or remote area...all terrain !

6) Build a ski-doo that can race across a open area of water...

7) A snow removal machine (it would have to be filmed where it's cold)

Hey, I'm Canadian, a lot of the ideas are going to be built around the ideas of snow!!!

-- Jack (, January 17, 2001


I like these ideas being canadian also :)

I think it would be so cool to hold the next junk yard wars in ontario canada, I know there alot of scrap metal around and plenty of fields and I know ski hill owners that would love to let people compete attepting to climb on of the hill on a scarp machine.

interesting idea's, there are also many open fields here for a large racing track for snowmobiles, or a large lake that freezes over nicly for puddle jumping.

I hope there maybe a season 6 in Canada, that would be cool eh jack :-)

someone email me form the show if possible and I can help set everything up I am stocked... have a good season 5

(btw: kaniesha is the family dog so its the family e-mail :P )

-- Russell Todd (, January 17, 2001.

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