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How about building Tractor trailer rig capable of pulling 1 ton,or one metric ton?

-- Michelle Zelnick (, January 17, 2001


Hi Michelle,

Hope you watch tonight. Ken (Beettle) and I, Team Art Attack, built a human powered, all-terrain, amphibious, artistically humorous vehicle and peddled it 4,012 acrossed the U.S. from Ferndale Calif. to St. Augestine Florida, over the Rockies. It weighed at top weight 2,446 LBS. average, 2,160 lbs. It took us 28 months, 17 1/2 of peddling, the rest was working along the way. We left town with $200. We know 1 woman with 36 bicycle gears can pull over a ton quite easily.....I did it when Ken was sick, when his machine broke down in Oklahoma and when he broke his leg in Gulf Shores Alabama. However it has been done but it was only at 3 mph...... We like your idea and we're sure it can be done faster with engines.... maybe they could do both. Keep your ideas comming, we're sure they are listening.

June & Beetle (Ken) Team Art Attack

-- Team Art Attack (, January 17, 2001.

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