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I need help on deciphering the poem the raven. All of these words are to complicated to understand. PLEASE HELP

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2001


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-- Anonymous, January 18, 2001

the raven is a poem about a man how is scared of being alone, for in december, his wife dead. So he fears the dark and being alone so much he start hearing nose and his fears come all together he sees the RAVEN. all the fear in his eyes and ears, he heres the bird speak the words lost leonore. HOW THIS HELPS YOU OUT CARL.

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2001

all it really means is that when he mutered the name lenore the raven was there to tell him that nevermore will he see lenore hope i was of some help

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2002

Its about a mans mental decline after losing his fair maiden Lenore,his wife.As he slips further into decline his mind manifests this Raven in an abstract attempt to bring some settlement some sort of finallness to his grief but it in turn has a perverse effect and drives him further down the downward spiral.Some say this is a contradictory effort to Macbeth whereas Macbeth acheives some sanity after the death of his spouse the man within this poem does the exact opposite.Also its a pretty cool and scary poem for all those years ago.People would have read this at Halloween just like we watch horror movies and he achieves quite a menacing figure out of something not that scary,a raven.Thats where the real fear content emminates from.Hope that helped.

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2002

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