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I know we are all using Konica cameras that are considered to be in the 'collectable' class but that does not mean we have been abandoned by the folks at the Konica. Both Konica in Mississauga, Ont. and Konica in Mahwah, NJ still have parts for the FT-1 cameras. Although many parts are gone from the 'ready' supply bin, the factory still can obtain parts through it's worldwide network. I just had one of my FT-1's cleaned and serviced and they repaired the motor drive for less than $100.00 bucks. Moreover, things like the ever troublesome AA battery cases (Part # 1090-845) are still only $30.00 each plus $4.00 bucks shipping. So, if you have an FT-1 that has called in sick, you might want to give the factory folk a try before trashing it.Regards, Bill

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2001

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