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Can anyone recommend a source of exposure records other than the old Zone VI notebooks? Does anyone use a home made exposure record that they'd be willing to share? Thanks.

-- Nick Stanislo (nstanislo@kilstock.com), January 17, 2001


I went to a copy center and reduced page 265 in Ansel Adams "The Negative". I found a mid sized notebook to insert the exposure records into and it works great. Sometimes when I am backpacking, I use a mini recorder just because I have so much else going on I don't want to waste time on the unessential. I can always fill in the exposure log back at the darkroom.

-- Michael Kadillak (m.kadillak@home.com), January 17, 2001.

So far the beste thing I've come accross is a small notebook of waterproof paper made by Rite In The Rain (www.riteintherain.com). I just write down the necessary information with a pencil and move on. Having the waterproof paper has really come in handy at times when working in the rain, snow, or on the occasion that I periodically drop the notebook in a stream, lake, mud, etc.

-- Dave Munson (orthoptera@juno.com), January 17, 2001.

Fred Picker devised an excellent exposure record. Calument still carries it. Not expensive either!

-- Alec (alecj@bellsouth.net), January 17, 2001.

I have a homemade version, a variation on Ansel Adams', that fits four records on one letter size sheet of paper. It is in Microsoft Publisher format. If that might be useful, e-mail and I'll send a copy.


-- Henry Friedman (friedlew@worldnet.att.net), January 18, 2001.

I have a modified negative exposure record adapted from the one in Ansel Adams' "The Negative". You can access this and various other photographers information sheets I have on my web site at: http://www.TranquilityImages.Com/tools.shtml

They are all in Adobe's Portable Document File (PDF) format.

-- Craig Wells (CraigWells@TranquilityImages.Com), June 03, 2001.

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