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I received a Fujinon 250mm f5.6 soft focus lens for Christmas with 2 discs. One disc has a yellow dot and the other has a red dot. There were no instructions with this lens. I have been unable to find any instructions on how to use this lens. Would greatly appreciate any help and instructions you can offer. Thanks in advance for your help.

-- gary s barr (, January 17, 2001


Gary...the REAL question is, how do you get people to give you great things like lenses for Christmas??? Beats the heck out of another flannel shirt!!!

-- Dave Richhart (, January 17, 2001.


If I recall correctly you will see three rows of f-stop numbers on the barrel or shutter... in yellow, red and white (I think). The yellow and red correspond to which disk is being used and white (or other color) corrsponds to without disk. You insert the disk by removing the front element and place the disk there and then screw on the front element.

This system is different then the Rodenstock Imagon system which uses disks which are attached to the front of the lens/shutter system and have a narrow range of f-stops. Also note that the Imagon does not have a lens element in front of the shutter.

Have fun!


-- Steve Nieslony (, January 17, 2001.

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