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I'm doing an english project and I need to find out opinions from others about whether or not Poe is a Gothic author or not, and why or why not? If anyone has an answer for me, please let me know A.S.A.P. Thanks!

-- Anonymous, January 16, 2001



Generally, I suppose, it could be argued both ways given that Poe was comparatively diverse in his work. Clearly, his passion was poetry but he wrote many memorable tales as well as essays, humor, satire, expose and commentary, both social and political. In fact, there has never been a full accounting of all of his works. Be that as it may, the Gothic style is obviously that for which he is best known.

The attributes found in the Gothic style can be found in Webster's definition as that style characterized by the "...use of desolate or remote settings and macabre, mysterious, or violent incidents." These elements can also be found in much of his poetry as well. So... a more accurate response might be to say that most of those poems and tales for which Edgar Allan Poe remains so popular were written in the Gothic style. However, he was not the only one, there were many others. He just did it better than anyone else. : )


-- Anonymous, January 19, 2001

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